Monday, April 6, 2009

Tonight event - sorry for the last second info....

Guys..and Girls…I know totally last minute but I couldn’t resist.

I just heard from folks at Trump…yes as in “the Donald’s place” that his location at 725 5th Avenue (Trump Tower) will be hosting am NCAA event tonight… YOU MUST GO!! You can watch the final game of the season

Why go??
Sliders - $1.00
Wings - .25Cents
Pizza - $5.00
Beer - $5.00

How can you beat that after a day of shopping for your loved one?? If you want to gather the strength to propose…or just want to see the outcome of the UNC vs Michigan State game…all the fun starts at @8:00pm TONIGHT – April 6, 2009.

I’ll be there for a while, so stop by and say hello!!

Always looking for fun for you my lovely couples…
Your fairy bridal Godmother…

For more info: See you at Trump Plaza - 725 5th Avenue. You can enter at 5th ave between 56-57th Street or the side enterance on 56th Street.


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