Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Your own Sex and the City Wedding…almost at Soho House

On a sunny NYC day, I went to a location famous on it’s own, but the second I walked through the doors the “Sex and the city” theme played in my mind. I can’t believe that I’m going to be in the same space, as ‘the girls’. I’m not star-struck, but I was completely blown away by the beautiful interior and warmth that exuded from the place with the ‘pool on the roof’ better known as Soho House.

The moment Claire, Event Director at Soho House New York, and I spoke, I was put at ease. She was truly gracious to work around my crazy schedule and she made me feel like a star. Over tea we had time to discuss why Soho House might be a great location for a wedding, and more importantly, who has been asking about it lately.

What would it be like to be a bride at Soho House?

I want to stress to your couples while a lot of places tell you you’re special, we show you. I think if a woman was to be a Soho House bride; she would definitely feel special and be given the ultimate ‘star’ treatment. We do go the extra step simply because we are honored to be a part of the beginning of their lives together. This is a day to remember. Soho House is simply a place where we strive for quality vs. quantity. Although we have a small boutique hotel here, we are private a members-club and the members treat the 'House' as a home away from home. It is a creative and energetic think tank by day and a place to play at night.

Can you describe the ‘Soho House’ Bride’?

She is sophisticated, modern but also a bit ‘edgy’, mixed with a little rock n’ roll. It’s the woman that’s in her late 20’s to late 30’s who really knows who she is. Someone who is looking to have an imitate day with family and great friends. We see a lot of second-time brides too. She may be the woman who’s already “been there and done the 200+ guests” and is looking for something that is more her. She no longer has to ‘please’ others and this ceremony is for her and her finance.

The Space is so beautiful, where would we have the actual party and can the bride have her ceremony here as well?

We have facilitated a few ceremonies here but more often than not, couples are married off-site and come to have their reception and spend the night in one of our amazing hotel suites. This is a place where the couple and their guests can just have a great time.

Tell me about the spaces?

The White room can hold 50 people for cocktails and we would transform the Library for a seated dinner and dancing for 50-80 people if that’s what the couple wanted. We try to be as flexible as possible - to really tailor to the couples needs. There is also our wonderful spa, Cowshed. It’s perfect for brides who stays in the Hotel, to get fully pampered before their big moment – also for bridesmaids and mother’s of the bride!

And the famous pool?

Well, this is available for a small cocktail hour for our members only before a dinner in the Library. We do this on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays only.

Do you find any day of the week to be better for a wedding?

We are an all year round location – we never close! So if a couple wants to get married on a Tuesday in November, we can do that! Recently we had a cocktail reception on a Thursday at 5:00pm, and it was simply lovely. I think today’s brides (with the help of the economy) are looking for smaller receptions but still ones with flare and style and that is what we provide.

So does the price at Soho House change if it’s a weekday vs. a weekend?

As I mentioned we are a members-club, so we have 2 prices – members and non-members. We don’t have ‘canned’ wedding packages because we don’t have ‘canned couples'. If a couple wants something, we will do what we can to make it happen – we like to work with a ‘can do’ ethos at Soho House – but equally, we won’t make promises we can’t keep. Pricing really depends on the couples needs – not the day of the week.

So tell me…who is asking about this location?

This week I had 2 grooms, separately - without their brides ask about the space. It was the first time that’s happened. It was so wonderful to see grooms being interested and taking an active part in looking for a space to have their reception. It was great to work with them.

I know that membership has it’s privileges, and so did 'Samantha'. Soho House is an amazing venue and if you want the star treatment, this just might be the place for you. Unlike Samantha, you and your guests are invited.

For more info: Soho House New York 29-35 Ninth Ave NYC - 212.627.9800 http://www.sohohouseny.com


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