Saturday, April 4, 2009

Earth friendly wedding ideas

While you may not be able to use each and everyone of these ideas, you may be able to tie them in. If every bride just made one change it could make a big difference to the environment. I'm here just offer suggestions and an opportunity for each of you to save the planet.

  • Go for an organic theme flowing with layers of textures, herbal and earth tones. This will create a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere.
  • Table linens can be made from softened burlap or natural cotton. I'm looking for a company now that can offer this service to you. If you know of one, please send it to me so I can share it.
  • Flowers in season (wildflowers, sunflowers, roses) will save not only the planet, but your pocketbook. Remember if they aren't in season, you have to pay to have them flown in just for your day. You could also use green topiaries, live plants, or river stones as decoration on your tables.
  • Use pumpkin and gourds in the fall to decorate from local farms or the farmers market. Fruit not only make a great centerpiece, but can also be dessert.
  • Save energy by using reduced electricity, energy efficient lights, LED’s or rely on candlelight and lanterns. This will create a warm romantic glow.
  • Where possible use natural light and air. If you have a morning or afternoon celebration try to choose a space that has a lot of it’s own light (windows where lots of sun can come through). If you have your event out doors you will eliminate the use of air conditioning.
  • After your wedding, plant a tree to honor your new life together. The Nature Conservancy says that for $1,600 the organization "Trees Instead" will plant a lifetime of trees (approx 1,000) to offset the average couple's lifetime carbon footprint. You can also purchase an engagement tree, planted in celebration of the promise of love. No matter which you choose, a tree will be planted in your selected US State, Israel or Africa. You will receive an elegant Tree Certificate, with your Name and the tree number so you can find the tree location on-line. “As the love grow, so will the tree”.
  • Donate any left over food to a local food kitchen. You have to call and check their regulations and requirements first.

I know that you all are doing what you can to save the environment and I think it's great! For more information on "Green Wedding Favors by Trees Instead" go to:

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