Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is it (your wedding day) here yet??

It seems like you’ve been planning forEVER doesn’t it and you still have a few months to go before your wedding. Are you at that point where you’re sick of it all? Your fiancée isn’t giving you the help you need and yet he thinks you’ve gone total Bridezilla? Do we even need to speak about your bridal party not helping at all? ARGH!!

Listen, I know money may be tight right now, but let me offer you a bit of god-motherly advice. Take a break from it all. That’s right, close that bridal-binder, don’t look at another color swatch, and dear god don't listen to another band or D.J. Plan a weekend with the person you’re about to marry away from it all. It doesn’t have to be expensive or even a far destination. Just take 2 complete days off to re-group and re-connect. Trust me, it will make all the difference in the world.

Here are some ideas:

  • Take a short trip to Boston. Boston is a great walking town and should you find yourself in the Northend, check out Goody Gloover and tell them Lisa from NY sent you. It’s a great Irish pub with great corn beef sandwiches, beer and a great staff. Of course there is Legal Seafood and tons of other places where you can get quick bites. The Public Garden is beautiful and soon the flowers will be in bloom and the ducks in the pond. Check out the Liberty Hotel in Beacon Hill, or of course there is always the Marriott or Westin if you have been collecting points.
  • Feeling like south is more your speed – head to DC, where you can check out Georgetown museums, and perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of the first couple of love, President and Mrs. Obama. Maybe you'll even get a glimps of the new 'first dog'. With the cherry blossoms in bloom, you’ll find more romantic places to walk where floral perfume will fill the air.
  • Of course there is always Virginia Beach, Nantucket, Martha Vineyard, or Mystic Conn. Find a bed and breakfast, or small inn where you both can just relax and get away from all the rush of the city. There is always an inexpensive trip to Vegas where you can let lady luck ride on #7. (Oh, let me say keep in mind that if you do go to Vegas you must keep a maximum amount of money you intend to ‘play with’. Remember you do have to pay for a wedding when this fun weekend is over, and you return back home).
  • If the idea of getting on a plane, train or automobile make you crazy, there are some great hotel deals right here in the city. Call them direct (not the 800-number) and see if they can offer you a special deal. Remember they need you as much as you need this break. This might also be a great way to check out a hotel you’re thinking of using for your guests - see how they treat you. Hmmmm, I think that’s a great idea.
  • Even if you stay in your apartment, put all the bridal stuff away and don’t, repeat DO NOT look at it until your weekend of rest, relaxation and recovery is over. Take in a game, go to the local dive bar you both love, get some take out or get together with your friends (tell them it’s a wedding-free weekend). I’m sure the time not having to listen to your wedding plans will be a welcome change for your friends – no mater how much they love you.

Finally, remember why you fell in love and why you’re getting married. The wedding preparation really can wait. The wedding is just a day. Take 48 hours to remember the ‘why’. It will make all the difference in the world, I promise.

Take a break...your bridal fairy-godmother is here and it's all going to be fine - I promise....

For more info: Liberty Hotel
215 Charles Street Boston MA 617.224.4000
Goody Glover
50 Salem Street – Boston MA 617.367.6444
Legal Seafood
800 Boylston Street (this is in the Prudential Center which is where I go when in Boston, but they have great restaurant locations)
Boston, MA 617.266.6800


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