Friday, April 3, 2009

The grooms’ cast

I want to thank so many of you my GREAT GROOMS for reading this, and for passing the column along to your future wife. I'm working on something for you that is sooo special...well, hopefully I'll have more information for you next week. Thanks for reading and keep sending me your questions.

I know you thought the hard part was over right? Proposing will seem like a walk in the park, when it comes to choosing your best man and all the other members of your supporting cast.

You’re thinking…’no big deal’ right – WRONG! Trust me when I say that the men that stand up with you on that day, how they act, their toast and how seriously they take this honor, will have a long lasting impact on your future relationship. Believe me, your fiancée won’t want the guy who told crude jokes to come around often and if you have to pick between them, I would hope you would choose her.

Unlike your bride to be, your best man probably won’t be your best friend. It's more likely your brother, a cousin, perhaps even your father. Who ever you choose, this person should be someone you consider very close to you, because they are there to help you with all duties that are wedding related.

Next to you, the best man is a high-profile person in the wedding. He traditionally makes the toast, but also is there to keep you calm in what may be in some scary moments before you say, “I Do”. So this should be someone you can rely on to offer support or even a joke or two to help you relax. With that said, there is a caveat…if your best friend happens to be a woman (check with your significant other but) she can be included as a grooms-person. Ok, so that's not the official title, but you get the idea. She will probably wear a dress (but can do a tux if she chooses), and will stand up with you and uphold the same responsibilities. There is no formal way to ask a person, so choose your own style. If it’s over a few beers, or if you take them out to dinner, make sure your cast know that this is as important to your fiancée as it is to you.

The rest of your supporting cast – the groomsmen:

There is no hard and fast rule that there has to be the same number of groomsmen to bridesmaids. As a matter of fact, I don’t know many men that wouldn’t like to have a beautiful woman on each arm.

You can avoid hurting someone’s feelings by assigning another honorary task. They can do a reading at the ceremony, or serve as an usher.

Above all, make sure that the person that stands up for you is someone that you are confident it, will be there for you both, that day and throughout your marriage. Next week, is lookin' good, and so are you.

Until next time…

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