Friday, April 10, 2009

Grooms lookin' good!

The one thing I know for sure is that every man, no matter what he does for a living, looks amazing in a suit. Put him into a tux and he looks completely polished. Of course, most of you guys don’t have a tux in your weekly clothing rotation. You may not have had one on since your prom. So at this point in time, some of you may be asking, “What looks good and how do you choose?”

The key to a polished look is to get a style that flatters your frame and style. This means you have to know your body type. Don’t be scared to try on a few types until you find the one that feels like “the one” for you.

If you are tall and slim, long and lean then you are lucky!! You can wear just about any type. The longer or extended-length silhouettes look great on you; it doesn’t cut your body in half. I would recommend you wear three or four-button jacket because it will show off your great body. If you choose peak lapels, then it accents your shoulders and makes them look broader. Who doesn’t want to have broader shoulders?

If you are tall, yet considered a big guy, you should go with a two or three-button jacket. If you do have a tummy, please don’t go with a cummerbund. Frankly I don't think anyone should use a cummerbund anymore - it's outdated, moves around when you're dancing and just makes you look bigger. Instead you can ‘hide’ your tummy a bit with a vest, and make sure your pants are roomy so you can shake your groove thing on the dance floor.

Likewise if you are short and wide, you want a look that will be slimming. I would recommend you also stick with the two or three-button jacket, but if you have a lean torso, then show it off with a four-button jacket that fits closer to your body. As for pants, pleats are the best for your body type.

Finally if you are short and slim you should avoid long jackets and don’t go with tie and tails. It will do nothing for you and make you look shorter. You are probably the best candidate for a double-breasted jacket and slim (non-pleated) pants.

Things to remember:
• Shoulders of the jacket should fit squarly on your shoulders and yet be comfortable when you move.
• Jacket sleeves should cover the wrist when you are standing with your hands at your side. The shirt should extend only about an inch beyond that.
• Your shirt collar should have enough extra room for two fingers. You want to be able to breathe - trust me!
• Your pants – please wear them on your waist and not below. Also your pant length should have just a slight break in them. That means the top of your shoe in the front and the top of the heel of your shoe in the back.

No matter what you choose, I’m sure you will look amazing. Just take the time to get to know your body type, try on different suits and styles. A tux not for you, then a new suit jacket and slacks are fine; just find one that gives you the look you want. Remember this is a special day so take it up a notch. We'll discuss clothing again (cuff-links, ties, shoes and all that other stuff). I'm also working with a designer to have a special discussion for those of you getting married on the beach. Please if you have questions about something in particular, ask me.

Before I wish you a happy holiday weekend, I want to say hello to some of my regular groom readers who always look great: Anthony (the lawyer), John (the sports writer), Marco (the teacher). You guys totally rock and I’m so thrilled to have you as readers and thanks for telling your future wives about me as well. I appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you again.

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