Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day couples...

Happy Earth Day to everyone. I’ve been having a wonderful time researching, reading about, and meeting with several of the vendors I’m going to highlight today. If you have a vendor that you are using and/or if there is a product that you are curious about, ask me. I have no problem doing the research for you, and then providing you with the answers.

Put a ring on it…

While diamonds are considered ‘a girls best friend’, there are tons of options that you should consider. First of all, don’t use diamonds that have been mined in unstable regions of Africa. You don’t want to wear something where the mines are in conflict and cause flooding, water pollution and even the deaths of the miners. For amazing rings you can wear, or ‘re-use’ jewelry/stones from family jewelry to create a new look, check out a company like GreenKarat ( You want the 'bling', then look into different materials like CZ (, or a wonderful diamond look alike Moissanite ( If none of these options tickle your fancy, you can always go north, to Canada. There you can find Canadian Diamonds (did you know they had their own diamonds?) that are safely mined and conflict-free (

Lookin’ good…

No matter if it’s a unique design or vintage, I’m sure you’re looking for something that will allow you to shine as brightly as the stars on your wedding day. Finding a designer that uses natural cotton, or silk that is unprocessed can be…well a process. These designers do amazing work, and I'll have full interviews with a few of them soon.

Finding exquisite workmanship and luxurious blends, dresses made with natural fabrics by the Cotton Bride ( reflect the romance and you may be looking for. Adele Wechsler’s ( gowns (see the picture to the left) create mystery by using innovative sheer overlays and softened edges. Hidden, unexpected organic elements, like the exotic hibiscus, the orchid or delicate pansies and lilies appear as embroidered applications and handcrafted flowers. She also use 'peace and vegan silks', which are amazing!!

If you want to really create a feeling of good will and possibly help someone else in need, why not donate your dress after your wedding? These are just a few organizations that you can consider: The Bridal Garden (, Brides Against Breast Cancer (, or The I Do Foundation ( You can also use the “I Do” foundation to create a Charity Registry along with your Gift Registry to raise donations without giving up the new toaster oven.

My best advice for the grooms – wear a dark suit and pass on the tux if you wish. If you really want to wear something other than what you own, you know to ‘kick it up a notch’, then you too can rent a suit (trust me you can) or you can go vintage. We'll talk more about alternatives for you soon.

All the other stuff…

We all know that green is the new black, so maybe Facebook, Tweeter, and evite ( are the new ways to share the news with family and friends. Evite has even posted on their site that they, in partnership with BRAVO will donate $1 to the National Audubon Society for each invite sent. I do think that your grandparents will want to have the paper version, so maybe you can save money by ordering invitations for the immediate family and go virtual with everyone else. Hmmm, that’s a thought.

Blogging on your own wedding page, will already have the information and some sites have a RSVP link, so you can track your replies there. The day of your wedding, you can Skype ( or webcast it (ok so you need some real video equipment) for family that can’t attend so they can be a part of the party (well, sort of).

Food should be locally grown where possible, and instead of a lot of flowers, use candles (preferably soy). Instead of giving take-a-way parting gifts, why not do a donation in their honor instead. If you love animals – donate to the ASPCA (; you feel strongly about cancer – the American Cancer Society ( among others would be more than happy to receive your donation.

There is so much more I’m going to be sharing with you in the upcoming weeks. I can hardly wait. Until then, I wish you and mother-earth a wonderful day today and always.

Your Bridal Fairy Godmother.


Gilroy Fernandez said...

I'm in Houston, Texas and were looking for green conflict free ring for my fiancee and found two local companies in Texas. Green Karat and Green ORO, iwent to their respective websites and I found the prices on Green ORO much more reasonable then Green Karat. I save over $ 500 by buying from Green ORO as they are the direct manufacturers of Green Jewelry. Few things i found and personally visited: Pros and Cons: Green Karat 1) Pros: Green Karat: been in business and internet for long years Cons: 1) Higher Prices 2) No In house retail showroom or store 3) Green Karat ETA time is much more then Green ORO 4) Don't offer high end created diamond settings or jewelry repairs 5) No Physical Location to visit , everything is Online Green ORO: Pros: 1) Reasonable and Cheaper Prices then Green Karat 2) Direct Manufacturer and willing to work with you on Custom Jewelry 3) Repairs are much faster on all green jewelry 4) no outsourcing to any middle man , everything is done within their showroom and have work labs 5) ORO Certificate of Authenticity to Back 100% recycled gold and process. 6) One Tree & One Ring at a Time - i really love this concept as they will put one tree towards the purchase i made. Highly impressed with their unique concept. 7) ETA is much less then Green Karat 8) You can visit their physical Location and Showroom and can see the Green Process

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