Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding dress by Amsale - bridal creations like no other

Do you know Amsale Aberra? If you’ve ever walked down Madison Avenue and you look up to the 2nd floor of 58th Street, you will see some of the most beautiful gowns adorning their window. Amsale is a gifted designer who is already renowned for her AMSALE and CHRISTOS collections; now Amsale now takes on the role of Creative Director for KENNETH POOL. This is a woman who’s passion for celebrating brides and the magical experience that is a celebration shows in each and every gown she touches.

What are the 'hot' types of gowns are girls asking for (either type of material (cotton, silk) style, shape etc.)?
Right now destination weddings are all the rage. A lot of girls are looking for dresses that are easy and comfortable to wear and not fussy. My answer is a very soft and romantic dress, made of English Net, Silk Chiffon, or our newest addition, Silk Jersey.

What are busiest times of the year that you see the spike in bridal gowns or is it year round?
Most brides dream of spring weddings. With our 6-8 month lead-time, this means our salon is full of brides near the end of the year. There is a steady flow of brides all year and we welcome your brides to come and see what we have to offer.

Dress by Amsale - photo from Amsale Aberra site

What other ways can a bride be more 'environmentally friendly?
We have many brides who are environmentally friendly. Because our dresses are made in New York City of silk, a natural and naturally green fabric, an Amsale gown is a great place to start!

How long does it take to create a dress and what are your price ranges?
We require 6-8 months to make and fit our wedding gowns. It's a surprising lead time, but necessary for the absolutely couture piece that each dress is. Our fabrics come from Italy, our beading from Paris. Our dresses are made in New York and hand beaded in our design studio. Upon completion, each dress is tailored to fit the bride, resulting in a dress that fits like it was custom made! While my creations start at $3,400, I also work one on one with Brides to create custom gowns starting at $20,000.

Dress by Amsale - photo from Amsale Aberra site

Anything else you want the readers to know about your designs?
Your wedding gown should be a reflection of your personality. It should be something you feel completely yourself in, completely comfortable, and something that in twenty years you'll look back on and love just as much as you did the day you wore it.

There are a lot of dresses out there – a lot to see, and pick from. When you go to a salon the moment you walk in is an accurate reflection of how you are treated. The moment you walk into the Amsale showroom, you know that you will be pampered, cared for and no matter what, your time is valued and you have your consultants full attention. I strongly recommend Amsale and with three collections, there is something for everyone at every price point.

For more info: The Amsale Flagship Salon is located at 625 Madison Avenue on the second floor. I would highly recommend you call (212) 583-1700 to schedule an appointment, but if you're in the neighborhood stop by and take a look.


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