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Crystal bling inspired eco chic soy candles

Aglow Soy Candle
Photo from Aglow Soy Candle

Having been in the fashion business in apparel for over 20 years, Ilyse Craft has always loved the home area and wanted to explore what that may look like. Also being a lover of candles and candle just worked to move into this area. For Ilyse and Lindsay Downs, the companies other designer, being eco-conscious was never optional.

What we learned quickly is that in the world of "Eco" and "Green" there were many fashions in apparel and for the home that were more on the bland side and certainly there was a perception amongst many that to be "Green" meant surely you were going to have to give up style and glamour.

Aglow a Soy Candle Company is created with rhinestone and beaded encrusted appliqués on recycled glass are a keepsake. There is a magnificent array of symbols and initials (pick a letter!!) come fragranced and have a burn time from 60+ to 90+ hours and because of the soy based wax burn all the way down to the bottom and wiped clean for use later for so many different things!!

Whether the candles have been gifted to brides maids, on the tables at the rehearsal dinner, used for the Unity Candle, for the Sign in Book area, on the gift table, the bride and grooms table and/or the guests tables, it is a show stopper.

In the end, you my couples get to have the glass cylinders long after the wedding day is over and can use on their mantel or dining table in their home with flowers. Because the wick stem is so easy to remove (with Windex left to soak for about 10 minutes!), the small containers can be used for drinking glasses once they have been wiped out and cleanedand the large containers make a gorgeous vase for flowers. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Just be really careful to hand wash them to protect the appliqué and they will add such elegance to any table and a reminder of such beautiful and loving times!

We believe that is one of the key elements that really sets us apart, in the wedding arena more so but really in the world of gift giving and home decore. To have a beautiful and "Eco" conscious product that doesn't just stop at in the design and development process but take it all the way through to the end use....we have made it so beautiful that one thing you won't do is throw it away....and in the end there is just a little less waste in the world.

Our minimum order is 6 pieces however it can be of mixed styles. We have most items in stock, so we can turn an order around in 1 week. We strongly suggest that when the candles are being used/burned at the actual wedding (as opposed to being given as take home gifts), that one fragrance or no fragrance is used or a combination. The candles on the tables may be unscented and the other candles can be scented, of course we make suggestions and do whatever the Bride wants!!
If a letter or item is not in stock the turn around time is generally 3-4 weeks.

For more information or to purchase these candles, please visit their website:


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