Friday, June 5, 2009

Grooms, four-legged friends and wedding processions

Smithy Collodi
Do you have a dog like this one that you want to have in your wedding? Smithy is a Diva-dog. With beautiful golden hair, people have stopped him in the street to pet him and comment on how cute he is. Always the center of attention and if invited, would be one of the best-dressed dogs at any wedding. Maybe upstaging even the bride.

You may have a Smithy in your life – a family pet that you can’t imagine your wedding without. That’s great and will be amazing in a photo but there are a few things you should consider before you include him (or her).

Will the church or venue agree to have your dog in their place of worship/site?
Don’t be offended, not everyone likes nor wants dogs roaming around. I would strongly recommend, before you have your heart broken the day of, when you all arrive, clean and shinny and are told “no dogs allowed even if he is in a tux” ask first. Ask the moment you finalize your venue. This way you will know what to expect.

Will your dog behave?
Only you know if your pet, no matter how much you love him/her, has obedience issues. If they do, you don’t want him to disrupt the ceremony. Can you imagine him barking just as the minister asks, "if anyone has reason why these two should not get married, let him speak (bark) now, or forever hold his peace." I promise you, it would get some laughs, but your partner might not think so. Leave your pet someplace else until the group photo.

What are well dressed dogs wearing these days?
Well there are a great variety of tuxes, or to spare them embarrassment why not dress them in a non-toxic floral wreath, or satin ribbon in your wedding colors? This is something that is easy for them to wear and won’t be too annoying to your pet. Of course my friend (to the left) looks pretty dapper in his top-hat don't you think?

What happens when you want to party?
Ah…you’ve done the cute photo’s and now you want to dance or dare I say…eat? In your very expensive designer clothing, you don’t want your pal to climb into your lap like he does when you have on your sweats. Give someone the honor of making sure he has a walk (he will have to you know), make sure he’s fed and that he goes safely with someone at the end of the night as you go off on your honeymoon.

Of course if you are having your wedding at home, or you own your reception location, then you can do what ever you want. Good luck and don't forget the doggie-bag.

This article was written because I received a note from a groom-to-be asking what he should do about his dog. If you have questions, please send them to me at


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