Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Budget Brides - Photobooks create inexpensive wedding memories

I fancy myself a photographer and I'm pretty good at it if I do say so myself. With more and more people uploading pictures on facebook and or several photo sites, why not gather those pictures and create a wedding book yourself. This is also a great option for those of you who want to design a more personalized wedding album OR if you (as the guest of) want to give a collection of pictures taken of the happy couple.

Here are a few sites that are not only reputable, but provide a professional book. (note: they are at various price points, so think about how many pictures/pages you want to include before you make your final decision)

BLURB.com – Very simple to use and your photos are printed on matte paper for a true professional finish. Once the album is completed friends and family can purchase their own copy if they want one. www.blurb.com

IPHOTO Book – This is another simple program with a super quick turn-around. You can have Black linen or white paper in either a hard or soft cover. Sorry but this is for MAC users only. www.apple.com

KODAK GALLERY – We all know Kodak and their program is pretty straightforward. The fact that they offer a lot of options (paper style, color printing, matte or glossy finish) can’t be beat.

MY PUBLISHER – I love them for their choice of covers (linen or leather) and for it’s very professional options to create your own dream book. www.mypublisher.com

SHUTTERFLY – Like Kodak, it offers a storyboard that offers layout options and will truly walk you through the process. It has a special wedding format to give you ideas on how to create your book if you draw a blank. www.shutterfly.com

No matter which photo book-making program you decide to use, your book will be perfect – just like your wedding. Use this opportunity to put in some pictures from your engagement and include your wedding day to create something special and unique just like the two of you.


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