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Milo Paper - eco-friendly, spunky and colorful wedding stationery.

MILO paper
Milo Paper

If you are looking for stationery that has a little spunk, a little color and a lot of style, then you should look at another of my favorite eco-stationery vendors, Milo Paper. There was something about the colors that Maria L. Kalorides, the company CEO used that caught my eye. Finding out that they are environmentally-friendly sealed the deal with me.

Gracious to spend some time with me, this is a bit of our conversation.

Why would a bride/couple want to use you/your product?
All of our wedding designs are meant to be simple classic pieces with a modern twist. When I was getting married I always felt as if the choices were either too plain or too much. Also, the quality of our digitally printed products is extremely high even though our price point is very reasonable.

If you are eco/environmentally friendly, why?
We feel very strongly that it is important to support our industry's efforts to make environmentally responsible choices. We only print on recycled FSC certified paper and use only recycled FSC certified envelopes. And as we look to launch new products from time to time (such as our new notebook and boxed stationery lines), we make sure that they are always environmentally friendly.

MWhat about you/the company decided to focus your attention and show your commitment to the environment?
It's funny, prior to being the founder/designer for Milo Paper, I practiced law in various large law firms for many years where I was continuously surrounded by piles and piles of paper that always ended up just being thrown away despite everyone's efforts to save as much paper as possible. I think that image has always stayed in my mind because when we started Milo Paper the first thing I said to my partners (my husband Nico and my best friend Evelyn) was that I wanted to make sure that we would always be an environmentally friendly company.

What would be a price range for a direct purchase or do the couples have to go through retailers?
At this time, Milo Paper only offers its designs wholesale and they are available for purchase through our retailers. We are luck to have some incredible retailers working with us. A list of our current retailers is available on our website - we are in the process of adding several that will carry all of our wedding products.MILO paper

What is your turnaround time for product/personalization?
We aim towards a two-business day turnaround time for all of our products - and we're usually successful sticking to that goal. However, our official turnaround time is 2-4 business days.

I really like her designs, and friendly service. So if you are looking for something unique with a quick turn-around then look no further than Milo Paper.

For more information check out their site: or purchase directly from


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