Friday, June 12, 2009

Grooms, grooming check-list with help from John Allan's

Haircut – check, shoes shined – check, nails trimmed – check, scotch to relax your nerves – double check. With so much on your mind you don’t need to run all around the city when there is a place (or actually several locations) where you can have all this done at the same time. Where is this magic place in OZ that combines speed, luxury and liquid libations… John Allan’s.

In a city where salons for women are on just about every corner like Starbucks, it was a pleasure to step into this oasis for men in midtown. It’s not an inexpensive oasis, but I think the benefits will outweigh the initial pinch of your pocket. The day I visited the salon it was busy – just about every chair was taken with men getting shampooed or relaxing at the bar watching CNN. Carlotta Malloy, Special Events Coordinator of John Allan’s showed me the lay of the land.

I tell you, I’ve walked past here and the dark windows I often wondered what was going on in here. This is not your girlfriends shop – it’s so masculine and yet not over the top. Instead of stark white walls, there are wood floors, leather couches and a pool table. There are also private areas for massages, hair coloring and pedicures.

Bonus: If you live in NYC, buy an annual membership - one of the best deals around. Unlimited haircuts, manicures, shoe shines (oh my!) for the low price - $720.

Double Bonus: John Allan’s partners with premium spirits brands that offer special pours and tastings so while getting groomed you can enjoy a new scotch or unique vintage. If you buy the annual membership - you can keep bottles of your preferred drink at the location.

If a man has an important event coming up such as a wedding, how far in advance should he begin grooming?

John Allan: The groom should expect to get a haircut about two weeks before his wedding date to let the style settle in. Then if he needs a clean up around the edges he can come in the day before. We don't recommend a facial the week of, we recommend getting a couple facials to get his skin accustomed to it. A pedicure should be scheduled the week of and the manicure can be scheduled with the clean up.

What makes a manicure for men different than a manicure for women?

Manicures at John Allan’s are meant to help a guy maintain his professional appearance. Whether it’s the first handshake or sitting at the conference table, clean hands and nails are essential to looking good. We designed the manicure to be a part of The Full Service rather than a separate treatment so the John Allan’s client or member understands its importance and leaves our club looking and feeling his best from head to toe.

Do men get actually get manicures/pedicures?

Absolutely. There are members that have weekly standing appointments to have their nails trimmed. As for pedicures, they need to think of it as a special treat to have a foot massage. Since they are usually much harder on their feet then women, they should take care of them as well. If a groom is heading to a beach location for his wedding and/or honeymoon, we recommend that they have a pedicure before they go. It just makes them look more polished. It’s just a warm soak is followed by a good scrub, trim and a deep moisturizing foot massage. We get a lot of positive feedback from the guys.

I haven’t yet found another place in the city where this unique approach to preparing, entertaining and relaxing the groom and groomsmen for the big day exists. Have you?

So don’t leave all the prepping to the bride. Go to the Club, relax, maybe shoot a game of pool before your wedding. This is a great opportunity for you to experience your own unique wedding treatment…and if you become a member, you can continue the treatment whenever you wish.

For more information feel free to visit their website at, or any of their locations:

46 East 46th Street (b/t Madison and Park Avenue) Tel: 212.922.0361 · Fax: 212.922.0363 ·

95 Trinity Place (b/t Rector and Thames) Tel: 212.406.3000 · Fax: 212.406.5896 · Midtown

Saks Fifth Avenue
611 Fifth Avenue, 7th Floor Tel: 212.940.2210 · Fax: 212.308.5296 ·

418 Washington Street (between Vestry and Laight) Tel: 212.334.5358 · Fax: 212.334.5359 ·

Coming soon...

Chicago Il.
111 West Jackson Boulevard (South Loop) · Chicago, IL 60604
Tel: 312.663.4600 · Fax: 212.922.0363 ·


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