Friday, June 19, 2009

Grooms: Humeurs, by J.M.Weston are the Manolos for men

So I’m sure you guys know or at least have heard of Cinderella right? I won’t bore you with the entire story, but want to point out the 'thing' that started the craze for women. No, not the ring, or the prince, not even the big house. It’s shoes guys; it’s always about the shoes!! Of course you knew that, because you’ve watched your future wife drool every time she passes a shoe store.

Well, if you are that Prince Charming, why should your Cinderella be the only one in dapper shoes on your wedding day – or any day for that matter? I was extremely fortunate to attend one of the most unique shoe presentations I’ve ever seen. The “Humeurs” collection is the Manolo for men – yes they are über-sexy.

What makes them so special? They are what dreams are made of. Actually they are the individual dream of five designers: Frank Gehry, Martin Szekely, Kris Van Assche, Clémence Krzentowski and Michael Perry. These five designers entrusted their individual ‘dream shoe’ vision to the artisans of J.M. Weston, and then watched their dream become a reality. The final products are five shoes that are so amazingly different in style, pattern, color and shape; they made me want a pair in my size.

So can you, my grooms have your own dream come true? The answer is absolutely. These shoes are made by request and tailored to your personal specifications. There are infinite combinations and other details that you can request that can reflect your personality. Personally the golf-like oxford shoe were amazing, but the black ones with bling – breathtaking!

I won’t lie, the price tag is, well Manolo-like but how many other times will you have a shoe custom made how you like? Think of it as an investment that will have your friends asking you “where did you get those shoes?”

While you may not always be able to judge a book by it’s cover, your shoes – on your wedding day and beyond will tell people that you are a man of discriminating taste and impeccable style.

"Humeurs" collection, can be purchased by special order at the J.M. Weston boutique - 812 Madison Avenue 212.535.2100
Retail ranges from $2,300 - $3,500.


Anthony said...

These are good looking shoes. I actually passed the store on Madison Avenue yesterday and saw them in the window. Your timing is perfect.

Paul Pannone said...

They're certainly not plastic tuxedo shoes.

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