Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wedding celebrated with a hint of indulgence - Ruby et Violette treats

I’ll tell you a secret. I don’t like chocolate. I know there was a gasp heard round the world – a woman that doesn’t like chocolate. Well while walking through Hell’s Kitchen yesterday, I came across a shop that literally ‘called to me’. Ruby et Violette is not just a shop, it’s not just a cookie shop…it is the Queen of all cookie shops. While trying to decide which one to try (I really wanted 3 but it is bikini season after all), I asked Heather Sue Mercer, the owner and operator of Ruby et Violette some questions about the shop, and if she sees many brides. Sitting down with some cookies and milk, here is a bit of our conversation.

How far in advance should brides/grooms place their order?

Because we offer our entire year's list of flavors to brides, it is best if they get their order in at least a month in advance so that we have time to order the required specialty ingredients from abroad should the recipe require it. But brides should note that we have accommodated last minute wedding orders with only a few days notice. Ruby et Violette has more than 120 different flavors of chocolate chunk cookies to choose from and our dedicated concierge can walk them through the flavors, packaging options and timelines to help them decide.

What is your turn around time?

As with every order we ship, wedding orders are baked, sealed, boxed and bowed the day they are baked to ensure freshness.

ruby et violetteWhat is the minimum order?

The minimum order is just 25 Bijoux Boxes.

How does your concierge work with brides/grooms to help them coordinate the boxes and ribbon to their wedding?

Generally the bride is immediately drawn to one of our colors, as they are each quite distinct. But when they are having trouble deciding on a color, our concierge reviews the color options and suggests options based on what previous brides have chosen depending on their color palette. The great thing about our boxes is that the tops and bottoms, each distinct, are interchangeable. The only parameters for the bride is that they must use all the tops and bottoms, so if a bride is ordering 400 boxes for example, they can choose to do 100 gold, 100 silver and create 100 gold on silver and 100 silver on gold. That is a popular option.

ruby et violetteWhat else would you like to share with brides/couples that they may not know?

Each Bijou contains 4 cookies, with the option of 2 flavors in each box. But brides can choose an additional 2 flavors for every 25 boxes they order.

So if you order 150 boxes, you can choose 12 flavors, so that all of your guests don't go home with the same flavors - some people at the table might get Champagne Strawberry and Maple Walnut, while others get First Kiss and Kir Royal, and still others receive Candy Jar and Creme de Menthe. People have a great time once they realize there are other flavors to try - and the favors NEVER make it until the end of the night...

Another good thing for brides to know is that our other boxes are popular for use as welcome gifts for out of town guests rather than the typical, boring, welcome basket! The Bijoux have also been used as "after favors" so to speak - put in the cars by the valets at the end of the night when each guest’s car is brought around so that they can enjoy a sweet treat on the ride home.

So click your ruby Manolo’s three times and check out this shop. If you have more than 2 don’t blame me. They really are that good!

Ruby et Violette is located at 457 West 50th Street, NYC and is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am to 10 pm or visit their website:


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