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The Las Vegas of the Caribbean, welcome to Antigua and Barbuda

Wedding on Fryers Beach
Wedding on Fryers Beach

Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, Antigua and Barbuda is poised as the Romance Capital of the World. Rich with a history of naval forts and relics, synonymous with a colonial past and the plethora of natural beauty that abounds, Antigua and Barbuda is certainly the love nest of the Caribbean. There are breath taking golden sunset and watch it simmer into the warm sea, white sand beaches and Barbuda’s pink cotton sand. This is an island where nothing matters but the one you’re with.

Shermain Jeremy, tourism officer, for the Antigua and Barbuda Department of Tourism, spent some time speaking with me about her beautiful country. The more she spoke, the more I wanted to hop on the next flight to see it for myself. Of course, my job is to ask the questions for you about getting married in Antigua and Barbuda, so here is a bit of our conversation.

Can you tell me about Antigua and Barbuda and opportunities for weddings there?

Most of the hotels on Antigua and Barbuda offer wedding and honeymoon packages and come ready with wedding planner, marriage officer, venue etc. Couples also have access to other romantic and picturesque aspects of the islands where they can host their own personalized wedding.

What are the heavy times of year you're seeing brides?

June, which is also considered as the Romance Month in Antigua and Barbuda. This is also really good to note if you have readers who are considering getting engaged and want to create a surprise. Our Romance Month gives a wonderful and additional option to Valentine’s Day, when so many people get engaged.

What are the best/signature experiences can a wedding party expect - or most importantly, if a couple is looking for a venue, why would they choose your space vs. another venue?

Antigua and Barbuda is considered the Vegas of the Caribbean because couples can get married in a day, even cruise ship travelers can enjoy same day weddings. There is no residency requirement. Antigua and Barbuda is rich in culture, history and natural beauty and serves as the perfect backdrop to any wedding.

AntiguaTell me about the catering, bridal suite, adventures and anything else you want to share with a couple.

The bride can enjoy a horse and boggy ride to the alter, or take a yacht to her wedding, or the newly married couple can enjoy a boat ride and sail into the sunset. Antigua and Barbuda has lots of activities and couples can enjoy day cruises around the island on a party boat, horseback riding, parasailing, bird watching, scenic tours around the island, picnics on the beach, dining at one of our many restaurants, take a day trip to Barbuda and enjoy the pink sands on a private beach, or visit one of our many private islands off the coast of the main isles.

Like all destination wedding locations there are rules/requirements. Here is what you need to get married in Antigua?

There is:

No waiting period

No residency requirements and

Cruise passengers can enjoy same day weddings

In other words…

1. Complete the application and pay fees (a registration fee of US$40, special marriage license is US$150, and the Marriage Officer's fee is US$50 – total US$240)

2. Confirm a date, time and venue for your wedding and…

3. Congratulations! You’re married!

Personally, I like the idea of Vegas on the high-seas. With so many places to get married on the island, no waiting period and for a nominal fee, this just might be the place to consider.

For more info: Antigua and Barbuda Department of Tourism
305 East 57th Street, 6A
New York, NY 10017
T: 212-541-4117


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