Saturday, August 22, 2009

Picturing your Ketubah in a different way

modern Ketubah
Modern Ketubah by Daniel Sroka

A gifted photographer can tell a story with a single shot. There are some whose photos take your breath away. This is the kind of person you are looking for to capture those moments at your wedding. Today however, I want to introduce you to a photographer whose unique style changes the traditional ketubah and creates another photographic moment in time.

modern ketubah
Modern Ketubah by Daniel Sroka

A ketubah is a work of art that uses images and words to express the love and commitment of your marriage vows. While the ketubah has its roots in the Jewish wedding tradition, its beauty has become embraced by couples from all different religions and cultures. After the wedding, the ketubah is usually hung in a place of honor in the home, and serves as a daily reminder of the vows they have made to each other on their wedding.

Modern Ketubah by Daniel Sroka

Daniel Sroka is an artist and designer who creates fine art wedding ketubahs from his collection of abstract photography of nature. While I am not expert in the Jewish Wedding tradition, I do know a work of art when I see one. With one of Daniel’s creations you will have a unique and meaningful daily reminder of your love and promises made. In my opinion they are simply beautiful.

For more info: Modern Ketubah : fine art ketubot of nature :
Daniel Sroka Designs LLC : voicemail/fax 866-285-0164


Carol said...

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