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Destination wedding: Somerset on Grace Bay on the islands of Turks and Caicos

Play games on the lawn of Somerset on Grace Bay
This week kicks off an on-going series of, destination wedding locations. There will be information on various Caribbean islands, private islands, and all that they have to offer. With so many to choose, it can be daunting but it is my hope to provide you with information that you can use. With this in mind, let's start off with a place that is gaining in popularity as a wedding location, Turks and Caicos and one of their beautiful properties.

With increasingly popularity of destination weddings and perhaps for people looking to finding a more intimate island, The Somerset on Grace Bay, a five-star property in the Providenciales of Turks and Caicos Islands is the ideal location. The 3hr flight to the hotel can provide a formal reception in the ‘all-white O’Soleil restaurant; if you are feeling ‘international’ or want to have a go at a local sport, you can have an ‘all-white croquet attire’ for a match on the lawn or better yet and my personal favorite an ‘all-white fireworks display shooting into the clear sky the evening of your wedding (so you don’t have to wait until our 4th of July to have your marriage start off with fireworks!). No matter the size, style or desire of your wedding, The Somerset offers all ‘white-glove service’ that is second to none and considered one of the leading choices for destination weddings.

There are seven ceremony and reception locations on the property and at select locations can accommodate up to 200 of your closest friends/family. There are several things I like about this property but some of my favorites include the restaurants – the food is amazing, the pools (two of them are freshwater) and there are tennis courts and an 18-hole championship golf course (I didn’t butcher it up too much with my swing). Some of the other things that were great about the suites, the ability to have groceries in my refrigerator and aBBQ was just outside, as well as a washer/dryer so I could wash my clothes before I left and come home with clean things. That was a very cool bonus. This was truly like having your own mini-apartment with all the benefits of a hotel.

Grace Bay The Somerset wedding packages start $2,800 to $3,100 and includes having a personal wedding coordinator, the Officiant, processing of all your documentation and License, the ceremony, a soloist and in-suite massages. There are additional prices for various menu options depending on what you wish. They have amazing appetizers, selections and the presentations are some of the most creative I’ve seen. Let me be clear there is an additional prices for fireworks, tenting and photography so please check out all of these before you make your final decision. No mater what the final cost, I believe it will be much less expensive than for the same quality here in NY.

This is what you need to have if you plan on getting married on the island. All ORIGINAL documents must be presented to the Turks and Caicos Registrar of Marriages by the person completing the forms. Original documents to be presented in person are:

1. Passport
2. Original Birth Certificate
3. Proof of marital status - If single a sworn affidavit is required
4. If one of the parties is a divorcee, then a Divorce Decree is required, either the original or a notarized copy, sealed by a Court Clerk
5. In the case of a Widow/Widower a Death Certificate of the previous spouse is required
6. In the case of change of name by Deed Poll or Adoption, then proof is required
7. If under the age of 21, then consent of one or both parents or guardian, in the form of an affidavit stamped by a Notary Public
8. A declaration for each party must be filled in, wherein you state your occupation and other necessary information
9. The marriage parties must not be within the prohibited degree of relationships to each other
10. Status, age as of last birthday, present address of residence and fathers full name
11. For church weddings Ministers may require proof of membership
12. Please be advised that any Passports or documentation written other than in English should be translated in advance and notarized by the applicable consulate
13. Because the processing of the marriage license takes from 2-3 days, we recommend that you need to be in the Turks and Caicos Islands at least seventy-two (72) hours before your wedding ceremony. (I would recommend you verify this time frame with your wedding coordinator BEFORE you leave).
14. $50.00 in U.S. currency is required

Grace BayIf you crave 5-star treatment, and unparallel treatment consider The Somerset on Grace Bay. What’s more, I’ve been told that there are rates that begin at $350 per night from now until Oct 30, 2009 if you are interested in a quick get away.

Resort Information:

Princess Drive, Grace Bay Road, Providenciales; Turks and Caicos Islands; BWI

Tel. 646.946.5900 or Toll Free 877.887.5722

For information: and look at the beautiful pictures on their site.


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