Friday, August 28, 2009

Grooming the groom by Lab Series Skin Care

3-in-1 postshave
3-in-1 Post Shave for the groomed-groom

Even with heat returning this weekend don't be fooled. Fall and even winter days are closer than you think. Just like your bride, you want to make sure that your skin is ready for your ‘close up’. More than that, now with your new position “as groom-to-be” isn’t it time you upgraded your skincare?

For over twenty years, Lab Series Skincare For Men has been the leader in the shave category, creating technologically advanced formulas that increase the level of comfort and efficiency during the shave experience. With 3-In-1 Post-Shave, the Lab Series Skincare for Men team of scientists have created a post-shaving hero, an exclusive all-in-one treatment that addresses men’s most common shave problems in one easy step.

The 3-In-1 Post Shave treats razor bumps, relieves ingrown hairs and delays the 5 o’clock shadow (ideal for all day photo opportunities). Lab Series also offers some wonderful grooming kits / travel kits for destination weddings, groomsmen gifts or just a little treat of each product (you want your groomsmen looking good for those pictures too right?).

“When developing 3-In-1 Post-Shave, we were determined to create a multi-benefit treatment formula that addressed the major causes of shaving discomfort by looking at the way facial hair grows, and how it could be controlled to improve the shaving experience,” said Matthew Teri, Vice President, Corporate Product Innovation, The Estée Lauder Companies. “If you can refine the beard hair, not only will it grow back softer and finer for a smoother, faster shave, but it will help reduce the incidence of becoming ingrown. Finer, softer beard hair also means you can shave less often.”

Traditionally weddings have been ‘about the bride’, but trust me she wants you to look just as good as she does. 3-In-1 Post-Shave is the easiest way to achieve a flawless shave, smooth skin and that well- groomed look.

For more info: Lab Series 3-In-1 Post-Shave can be found in fine department stores nationwide and online at


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