Monday, August 10, 2009

Neckers Island - Your own private island for your wedding and honeymoon

Back in the 1980’s there was a show called “Fantasy Island.” People would fly to a remote Private Island and “Mr. Roark”; the manager would make their fantasy come true. Fast forward to 2009, I’ve had the opportunity to share with you Necker Island. An island that is not only breath taking, but where your fantasies for your wedding will absolutely come true.

Necker Island (better known as the island belonging to Sir Richard Branson's - from Virgin Airlines fame) is a private island paradise; surrounded by turquoise waters, coral reefs and beautiful white sandy beaches all day. Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe this private island and if you ever wanted the complete star treatment, look no further. This island is yours and the quality and care that each member of the staff gives you, is completely unparalleled. Of course this star treatment does not come cheaply, but if you want to completely splurge, this is the way to do it.

Here is what I’ve been able to find about this amazing destination.

neckers islandWeddings on the island are popular at all times throughout the year. Every wedding is by definition unique, personal and each request is tailored especially for the Bride and Groom. This is their chance to let their inspiration run riot, as the staff delight in pulling off the seemingly impossible! Here there is no such thing as a ‘set wedding package’.

I will say that this is not inexpensive if you are looking for a destination wedding. However accommodation, all meals and drinks, high quality wines and champagne, as well as a team of 60 fabulous staff are included.

The island is generally hired out for exclusive use only but they have increased tneckers islandhe amount of Celebration Weeks to 6 in total this year where couples/friends/families can hire rooms ‘hotel style’. Celebrations Weeks still available during 2009 are:

26th September for 7 nights

3rd October for 7 nights

10th October for 7 nights

17th October for 3, 4 or 7 nights (family weeks - children welcome)

Arrivals in 2009 for exclusive use from $51,000 per night for up to 28 guests ($1,822 per person per night)

Wedding Supplement: From US$85-US$120 depending on the time spent in the British Virgin Islands prior to the wedding. The cost includes the license plus the cost of essential stamp duty, plus the cost of the ceremony either on Nneckers islandecker Island or in the Registrar’s office.

If you don’t wish to get married on Necker but want to be there for your honeymoon on the Island, this is possible too and you don’t have to hire the entire island.

Listen, I have traveled the world 5 times, lived in other countries and cities, and I have never seen any place more beautiful. Just take a look at their site and view the video – it’s beyond any dream you could possibly dream. So why not make your dream come true. Have your wedding on Necker Island and don’t forget to invite me.

For more info: Please contact the wonderful people at Necker Island at, send an email to:, or phone them at 1.877.577.8777 (toll-free) or 212.994.3074


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