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Curaçao and the perfect location pt.1- Curaçao Avila Hotel

Curacao Avila Hotel
Curaçao Avila Hotel

With destination weddings on the rise, there are so many islands and yes countries to visit. As I try to make your job a bit easier, I’ve been able to gather information about the beautiful island of Curaçao. There is just so much to see and do, that this is going to be a four-part series about the island. Today we are going to focus on the Avila hotel. If you are looking for someplace that could truly be your home-away-from-home, this is the location. The staff and private beaches should be enough to interest you, the since of beauty and peace will bring you back again and again.

Curaçao offers all the ingredients for the ideal wedding – a lovely climate, historical country yards, and beaches shaded by coconut trees and washed with crystal clear blue waters. Discover the perfect ambiance for your wedding – whether you desire a beach celebration, or one in an 18th-century church or at one of our renowned hotels and resorts.

Can you tell me about your space, locations and opportunities for weddings?

Avila Hotel – Family run for generations, the Avila Hotel can boast a unique history that covers more then two hundred years. Time seems to stand still here. Hotel is a beautiful Dutch Colonial style mansion. It is estimated that the original building was built at the end of the 18th century. During the British rule at the beginning of the 19th century, it became the residence of the British Governors and later on that of the Dutch. The original part of the complex was called "La Belle Alliance". Another building of great historical importance on the Avila grounds is the cheerful seaside cupola known as the Octagon because of its octagonal shape. Around 1812, the sisters of the Venezuelan liberator Simon Bolivar lived at the Octagon during their years of exile from the Venezuelan independence war against Spain. Today this building is a much-sought venue to host elegant wedding ceremonies and receptions. The top of our chart is a wedding ceremony at the historic Octagon tower museum with ocean view and authentic colonial antique furnishings. It’s like taking an elegant step back in time! After the ceremonies a torch-lit, sit-down dinner on the beach is the perfect ending to an unforgettable day. The “Queen’s beach” is a favorite. This is a unique private beach which can be served for a private wedding ceremony, toast and or dinner.

What are the heavy times of year you're seeing brides?

Avila Hotel – We host weddings and honeymooners all year round so there are no specific “heavy” high demand times. What makes Curacao and the Avila Hotel a great choice is that the island is out of the hurricane-belt. Thus, it is not affected by these tropical storms which can be a potential spoiler for a Caribbean wedding event.

What are the best/signature experiences can a wedding party expect - or most importantly, if a couple is looking for a venue, why would they choose your space/island vs. another?

Avila Hotel – The serene and peaceful setting of the resort; the unique and historical venues available on the property to host the ceremonies; The collection of luxurious suites and rooms that offer one-of-a kind views and settings: The Bolivar Suite....easily one of the most beautiful suites of any resort on the island, features 1,544 square feet of living space and fabulous grand views of the azure Caribbean Sea and the coastline of Curaçao from its wraparound balcony and Suite 176 of the Belle Alliance suites with its own private beach area and ocean & beach views. And of course the acclaimed Blues Wing rooms 290 and 291 which are located all the way at the end of the pier with unparalleled views of the sea and....lots of privacy.

Tell me about the catering, bridal suite, adventures and anything else you want to share with a bride/couple.

Avila Hotel – The Avila Hotel has an event planning department staffed by professionals with years of experience in hosting weddings on the hotel property. They will work tirelessly with the bride/couple to ensure that their special day will be a memorable and perfect one. The Events department is the central contact venue to coordinate all aspects of wedding planning: selection of the venue, dining and catering planning, coordination with 3rd party wedding planners, etc.

Can you tell me about marriage requirements, costs or restrictions?

Avila Hotel –The Avila Hotel events department works with a handful of qualified and reputable 3rd party wedding planners who have the expertise to guide the couple planning to get married in Curaçao through the legal requirements. Costs vary and are quoted on a case-by-case basis. The basic legal requirements to legally get married in Curaçao are summarized as follows:

First, you have to write a letter stating you want to get married on the island of Curacao. List 2 dates that you would like to have your marriage to take place, put 1st option and 2nd option. Also in the letter you have to specify if you would like the marriage to take place at the registry office or outside. This letter has to be signed by both Bride and groom. In the letter please inform us both Bride and Grooms actual address.( Email letter is not applicable, it can be a scanned letter but signed by both)

Second, you need an original copy of both Bride and groom’s Birth certificate. It has to be an apostille and not more than 1 year old.

Third, you need a original copy of both Bride and groom’s Citizenship. It has to be apostille and not more than 6moths old. If one of the partners was divorced we need a original copy of his of her’s Divorce decree.

Finally, a copy of both Bride and Groom’s passport

For more info: For more information about this property, look at the Avila Hotel site: www.avilahotel.com


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