Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Archie and Veronica sitting in a tree...

Archie proposes to Veronica
Photo with thanks from Archie Comics

I simply can't believe it. I'm sure Betty can't either. After years of dating, being the faithful girlfriend and all of the antics that Veronica threw her way, today Betty learns that her dreams to marry Archie are over.

Archie asked Veronica to marry him? I know...what is he thinking?? Maybe it was her money that finally won him over (say it isn't so!!). Maybe it was Betty's constant hinting (hey it's possible). Perhaps Archie just saw a kinder, softer Veronica than any of us realized.

Let's face it it happens. Some people we think are supposed to be together for ever and didn't: Brad and Jen; J Lo and Ben; Farrah and Ryan and I'm sure the list goes on. This however, could send shock waves through out the comic industry and change Archie forever.

So you're not a comic book fan that's ok. How would you handle it if your boyfriend of years changed his mind? What would be your reaction to seeing your "enemy" wearing the ring you were supposed to have? Do you think this happens in real life - absolutely. Let's just hope that if it should happen to you, it won't be plastered on the front page of a comic, people magazine or your home-town local newspaper.

Be like Betty and handle it with style, class and grace.


Carol said...

Oh it's a beautiful story of them and Veronica is her love is just acting???
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