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Weddings at Mandarin Oriental, New York - A taste of the orient in NYC

Mandarin Orient Hotel
Mandarin Oriental New York photo credit: Hechler
Mandarin Orient Hotel
Mandarin Oriental, New York photo credit: Hechler

If you’ve ever looked up as you’re walking toward Columbus Circle and seen sparkling lights above, you’ve seen one of the two ballrooms in the Mandarin Oriental and possibly a bride having her dream wedding night come true. The Mandarin Oriental, New York is nestled 280 feet above ground level, is a luxury hotel that simply redefines luxury in Manhattan. Its design and unique location in the Time Warner Center and overlooking Central Park assures its place as one of the city’s most distinct and sophisticated hotels.

Everything about this hotel is perfection and reminds me of the saying “a place for everything and everything in its place”. Fashion designer, Vivienne Tam has designed a spectacular modern fan that is displayed in the hotel lobby and at every turn there is a touch of Asian flair that truly transports you to another country, another time. That’s just the lobby!

The distinct honor of sitting with James Munz, the Associate Director of Catering to discuss in greater detail reasons that may not be obvious why you would consider hosting your wedding at this hotel.

Here is a bit of our extensive conversation:

Mandarin Orient Hotel
Mandarin Oriental, New York photo credit: Hechler

The Mandarin Oriental prides it’s self in not only maintaining a certain look of Zen-like tranquility, peace and honor of our guests. Everything from the linen in the guest rooms, to the window views - all designed to create a feeling of floating and peace. What we instill in our staff that exceptional food and service shouldn’t be the ‘selling point’; it is the rule, our ‘normal’. We expect this, provide this and that makes us stand out from the rest. We want to make sure that every moment you are with us, you are receiving exceptional quality in everything we do and from everyone you encounter.

When it comes to our brides, we know that some have dreamed of this moment forever. With that in mind, we do everything within our power to make those dreams come true.

What are the busiest times of year you're seeing brides?

We see brides all year round. The most popular months for NYC weddings are April-June and September-November. Even in this economy, we are beginning to receive reservations for 2010 already. Using our floor to ceiling windows make a picture-perfect backdrop no matter if it’s spring flowers, fall foliage or the winter wonderland that becomes Central Park.

What are the best/signature experiences can a wedding party expect - or most importantly, if a couple is looking for a venue, why would they choose Mandarian Oriental, New York hotel vs. another hotel/venue?

We believe that the view, atmosphere, location, service is unparallel. Our biggest selling point is the focus to detail from the tasting to the timeline of the event. We can work with or without your planner – it’s totally the brides’ choice. Should you have a wedding planner, we will work out every detail with her so that nothing is left to chance, but it’s not necessary to have a planner. We also have an extensive list of florists, photographers and musicians that you can choose from should you need help in that area of your planning. On occasion it’s the little touches such as chairs, or our selection of linens and chinaware, which are the finishing touches that take an event from nice to spectacular.

Tell me about the catering, bridal suite and anything else you want to share with a bride.

We have an extensive catering list so the option of food choices and type of service (seated or passed) is up to the couple. The day after, we hope that you will enjoy breakfast with us and perhaps use the spa services to enjoy the complete wedding experience that we offer.

As someone who has seen a lot of venues I can say that the view for me was one of the selling points. There isn’t any other like in NY. I’m always thinking of ways to capture the ‘once in a lifetime’ moment, looking for venues that will leave you breathless. The thing is, at the Mandarin Oriental there were so many moments that will take your breath away, I would suggest you get a great photographer to help you capture them all.

Mandarin Oriental, New York - 80 Columbus Circle at 60th Street - New York, New York 10023, USA
telephone + 1 (212) 805 8857
facsimile + 1 (212) 805 8882



5 Star Weddings said...

I have not been to the Mandarin Oriental in NY, however the hotel they have in London is stunning. A perfect wedding venue, pure luxury.

RoseAllen@ Hawaii Wedding said...


Seemed like there is something wrong with the photos it does not allow me to see it.


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