Friday, July 31, 2009

Alternatives to the same 'ol bachelor party

I know there are some guys that want the ‘traditional’ bachelor party and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, I would like to share with you some alternatives that I'm sure your future bride would love for you to consider.

If you want to have a sophisticated night, then consider these locations:
Brandy Library – This is where the perfect dram of top-shelf libation is for serious drinkers of fine spirits. Their selection is mind-blowing as the bookshelves are stocked with bottles and the sommeliers will help you re-fine your taste buds or at least help you pick out something almost as special as your fiancée.

If you enjoy a good cigar and are looking for a place where you can still smoke:
Carnegie Club – The club has retro wood paneling, and is truly one of the last sanctuaries where you can legally enjoy a smoke. Yes it’s a lounge, but its also a great place just to have a drink with the boys and a good stoggie.

Club Macanudo is another haven of leather chairs and big cigars. Martini, scotch and cigar drinkers unite. A bit more formal than Carnegie, so wear a jacket and experience the moment.

For the sports lover or lover of games:
ESPN Zone - Nothing could be sweeter than the big lounge chair, in your private room watching your favorite team playing your favorite sport. Food, beer and hours of fun. Sounds like a ideal party to me.

If you are looking for sports and a bit of hip-hop flavor:
40/40 Club – This club is the platinum taste of co-owner Jay-Z where there are lots of flat screen TVs, and the perfect cognac lounge upstairs for your private party. You never know what celeb may just pop-in to see where the party’s at.

If you want to be a cowboy in the big city:
Johnny Utah’s – Once you have a few, you can make your way to the mechanical bull. Try your best to ride it or just hang out with some good food, good beer, and good friends.

I hope this list gives you some different ideas on how to celebrate your bachelor party. If you have any unique ideas or suggestions, email me at and let me know. For more information check them out:

Brandy Library -
25 N Moore St NYC (212) 226-5545

Carnegie Club -
156 W 56th St NYC (212) 957-9676

Club Macanudo Inc -
26 E 63rd St NYC (212) 752-8200

ESPN Zone New York City -
4 Times Square Plz NYC (212) 921-3776

The 40/40 Club -
6 West 25th Street NYC (212) 832-4040

Johnny Utahs -
25 W 51st St NYC (212) 265-8824

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