Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dogeared Jewels & gifts - creates wedding day magic and good vibes

There are so many gift ideas for your bridal party, but today I want to focus on Dogeared Jewels & gifts. This company along with its creative team has for the last 18 years combined their passion to spread good energy, and passion with the world. They have several pieces in their line that is dedicated to the causes they believe in. In other words, your gift will truly be the gift that keeps giving. Today, let’s take a look at both there Bridal and “Green Patch” line of products.

I love being able to bring you a new opportunity to keep ‘green’ and share beauty with your bridal party. Beth Hinckley, is a member of Dogeared and she spoke to be about their new initiative.

Can you tell me more about the 'green patch' - why did you do this line, tell me about your best sellers?

Green patch is our eco-friendly shopping destination. Dogeared makes every effort to make our products in the most earth-friendly was as possible (part of that is making everything in the USA!) This area of our website highlights some of those products.

Some our bestsellers are the tote bags made of natural and organic cotton, the candles, in recycled tin, and the super fabulous hipster made from organic cotton.

Also, our new notebooks have been really popular--- they are made out of repurposed leather and recycled paper.

What else would you want to share with a bride who is looking to be environmentally friendly?

All of our sterling silver is 100% recycled! Also, making all our products in the USA uses a much smaller carbon footprint than shipping from Asia. We have also have re-designed our boxes to use less materials and use recycled materials.

I love the new Bridal section you have on your website. Why would a bride want to give your product as a gift to her bridal party vs. another kind of product and which would you recommend?

Dogeared loves brides! And Dogeared is all about celebrating the special times and the special people in our lives. Our gifts are treasures that will last way beyond the special day and serve as lovely reminders of the wedding day. We have also designed our collections with brides in mind and have listened to what they want for their celebration.

Some of our popular items for brides and bridal parties are:

Pearls, friendship, love.... necklaces and earrings. Healing Gem bracelets and necklaces in different sizes --- great colors to match the wedding colors we just brought back our Something Blue glass heart that has many uses. Also, our Make A Wish charms are always a favorite. Popular gifts are also our recycled sterling Pocket Angels.

As for me, there are some really unique and beautiful housewarming gifts or other ‘couple’ orientated gifts you can give such as:

House Blessings – These are really whimsical pieces that are meant to be hung in the house….Angel at your door (which is great for a bit of ‘extra’ protection as you begin start your new home; Lucky Horseshoe…so your home is filled with love, laughter and peace. They also have great ‘lil’ zip bags that are great to give to your bridal party.

Finally and in full disclosure, I’ve been wearing their necklace for about 2 years and can say that I get compliments all the time on how pretty my bamboo or dragon is. What I love is that they seem to ‘float’ on my neck and all you see is the gem. Perfect for those of you who want nothing to take away from your gown. Because they have so many to choose from, I think that will be your biggest problem. No matter what, I’m sure that it will be perfect and will help you, to create more magic in your life.

For more info: You should really take a look at their site and have a great time picking out your favorite(s).


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