Monday, July 13, 2009

Twobirds Bridesmaid - sexy, stylish and the dress every bridemaid wants

Gone are the days of truly ugly bridesmaids gowns – Thank God!! I remember having to wear this truly ugly black/white polyester bridesmaids gown to a cousin’s wedding. I was never so uncomfortable in my life. I swore that I would never do that to my bridesmaids when I got married. I’m sure you’ve had your share of ugly or just too expensive dresses as well. With “twobirds bridesmaid” your girls will love you because the dresses are amazing, reasonable and the best part – they can and will want to wear them again and again.

Ariane Goldman is the owner and designer extraordinaire of “Twobirds Bridesmaid” and like her staff, an amazing person to work with.

What are the 'hot' types of gowns/dresses are girls asking for (either type of material (cotton, silk) style, shape etc.)?
Women want to be comfortable and chic these days so something that is more of a silk, soft fabric that drapes rather than itches is desired. I am noticing women are shifting away from taffeta and tulle and looking for ease and wearability.

What are busiest times of the year that you see the spike in bridesmaids gowns or is it year round?
The bridesmaid industry is really year round since women's planning cycles differ based on personality and desire to check things off their "list". January thru March is always booming for summer weddings, but there is always demand as some brides are last minute and some plan years ahead!

Are any of your dresses 'environmentally friendly?
Yes, all the twobirds are eco-friendly. The fabric is made here in the US and garment is made locally as well, utilizing efficient green tactics. What's more is that the dress can be worn again and again and thus recyclable!!

How long does it take to create a dress and what are your price ranges?
Each dress is handmade and the prices are $270-$310. There are no alterations required and the dresses come in two sizes, size A (0-14) and size B (16-24) making it an investment piece that women can wear at all cycles of our lives.

Anything else you want the readers to know about your designs?
Twobirds Bridesmaid is about style, ease and comfort. Finally there is a dress that can make the bride happy and the bridesmaids beam down the aisle. In this economy, why spend money on a dress to never wear again when you can have one dress that wraps in 15 ways flattering most body types?

So no matter if your girls are big or small, short or tall, there will be a perfect dress that will make them proud to walk down the isle, and stand by you as you take your vows. Then they can re-use their dress to party up a storm.

For more information please contact: twobirds Bridesmaid
212.633.1384 c/917.868.7839


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