Friday, July 24, 2009

Grooms, it's operation get you married

Ok gentlemen..D minus 7 and counting. Are you beginning to break out in a sweat yet?

Your future wife has gone through the roller-coaster of emotions this entire time and you’ve stayed cool and calm. Now your wedding is just days away and maybe you're beginning to feel, well a bit stressed as well. Never fear, here are some suggestions that can help you prepare. If you forget something, don’t worry…well as long as you remember to say “I Do”, you’re 99% there.

I’m sure you were put in charge of these things so make sure you double, no triple check:
Honeymoon reservations are confirmed. That means, how are you getting to the airport, train station or boat; how are you then getting to the hotel.

Did you pack? What are you waiting for do it now. Don’t forget your vitamins, medicines, and at least one nice outfit for a special dinner with your new ‘wife’.

Pick up travelers checks, or at least make sure that your credit card has a large balance so you can purchase mementos. Remember if you use your credit card, you can get reward points to use later.

Do you and your groomsmen have your tuxes picked up or are you going to do it the night before? Make sure everyone is on board for this.

If you are having a ‘swing’ bachelor party, do yourself and your bride a favor and do it at least 2 days BEFORE your wedding. Nothing looks worse than a groom with bags under his eyes, slurred speech, and reeking of alcohol. Trust me, that is NOT a good way to start your life together.

Where are your rings? If you forget everything else, don’t forget these.

A really sweet thing is to sneak off with your bride-to-be, and have a last ‘date’ as single people – that is together!! It can be a picnic, maybe a movie, or a crazy dinner at your favorite place, but it’s just to two of you. She will LOVE THIS, and you will get major points for being so considerate.

Were you put in charge of any vendors (photographer, transportation, band/DJ)? Make sure they know the day/time and everything is all set.


Ask your future wife, if there is anything you can do to help. At first she may be shocked and she may even say no, but the act of you caring will cement in her heart that she is marrying a partner for life.


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