Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Your nails are a perfect 10!

If you are like most, the night your guy proposed your nails were…let’s just say, not the way you thought they should be to show off your sparkling ring. They may have been chipped or perhaps your nail polish just didn’t do your ring justice. Did you run immediately, not to pass go, to the salon to have a manicure? Of course you did.

With all the planning, your nails may be taking a beating and they simply are not quite the way you want them to be but, don’t fear. I’ve some great tips from Essie Weingarten, president and CEO of Essie Cosmetics. These tips are guaranteed to have your nails ring ready and perfectly groomed for your big day and every day after. She's also recommending 'Cloud Nine', 'Happily Ever After' and 'No Pre-Nup' as perfect bridal polish choices. No matter which Essie polish you choose, if you follow her tips, your nails will be the least of your concerns on your wedding day.

1. For the longest lasting manicure on your big day, be sure to start with a base coat so the polish sets.

2. Then, wait two minutes before applying each coat of polish and finish off with Essie’s ‘Good to Go’ Top Coat – the fastest drying topcoat around.

3. Always use a thick layer of a base coat made specifically for your nail type (dry, brittle, weak, aging, etc.), such as Essie ‘Fill the Gap’ for dry aging nails or ‘Millionails’ to strengthen weak nails.

4. Keep a Cuticle Pen tucked away to hydrate nails throughout your big day.

5. Use Essie’s new color “Mesmerize” from the Spring Collection on your toes for your ‘something blue’.

6. Pack Essie’s Non-Yellowing Top Coat in your honeymoon luggage to help prevent your manicure from fading during your romantic vacation.

If you follow Essies’ tips, your ring won’t be the only thing that people will notice. They will see a perfect the 10 that you are (and your nails will look great too!).

Thanks Essie!!

Until next time, I’m your bridal fairy godmother….


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