Friday, March 6, 2009

The Four Seasons Hotel is an elegant reception choice

When you think of timeless elegance, unparalleled service and an attentive staff, the Four Seasons Hotel Located between Park and Madison Avenues, comes to mind. The hotel provides superior luxury even by New York standards; from the moment you enter the door you know you are somewhere special.

Recently Ms. Susan Lee-Bishop, the assistant director of catering, had a few moments to speak with me about the hotel and why couples should consider having their wedding there.

Why should a bride consider having their wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel?

“At the Four Seasons, we have the ability to make a couples dream wedding and honeymoon come true. We can help with you with every detail including wedding invitations and floral decorations; from your cocktail party until your party is over, you don’t have to worry. We can handle every detail for you.

Once you decide to have your wedding here, you can simply relax. We will treat you and your guests as if you are family in our home.”

How far in advance do you need to make reservations?
“We have so much experience and such a great staff that we can create a wedding experience in as little as 3 weeks; if we have the space available. Likewise, we already have reservations for 2010.”

I think that once the couple has a time-frame when they think they want to get married, they should call us. Again it depends on the couple and our space availability, but it’s from seven to nine months.”

Are there any ‘hot months’?
“We are seeing that July through October are the new ‘hot months’ for weddings, but we still have a lot of very traditional May and June weddings as well.”

Along with having great music, the couple is interested in the food. What makes the menus at the hotel unique?
“We have the ability to customize and personalize the menu to just about any theme the couple wants. This means we can offer every type of event from an elegant cocktail buffet to a grand banquet. If there is a ‘special cake’ you want, all you have to do is bring in a photograph of it, and we can recreate it for you.”

That does bring me to the question how much would a wedding reception at the Four Seasons cost?
“We completely understand that given the economy that couples are budget conscious. We were talking about ‘hot months’ before. I think that the ‘hot nights’ if you will, fall on Saturdays. Our wedding package offered on a Friday or Sunday may be more appealing from a price standpoint. Our package includes a honeymoon suite for the evening, as well as a customized wedding cake designed by either famed cake designer Sylvia Weinstock or Ron Ben-Israel."

Are there any additional costs that a couple may have to consider?
“When you have a wedding here, there are no hidden costs in the basic wedding package. I will say, the only potential additional fee is for linens that are not our standard ivory and copper. The reason is because we have to rent them from an outside vendor and the cost if the couple wants them is nominal.”

If you are looking for a hotel that is timeless, then the Four Seasons New York, is the hotel for you.

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For more info: Further details, availability and price information may be obtained by contacting the catering department at the Four Seasons Hotel New York at 212-350-6501.


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