Friday, March 20, 2009

Grooming the groom

First day of Spring

First Bro-man movie “I Love You Man” is out today - more importantly,
First day of ‘Grooming the Groom’.
I believe things happen in threes so you gotta love it!!

Hi Guys (and ladies I hope you read this section as well),
I want to welcome you to your own space. A place where every Friday, all your questions will be answered. A place where you can come, to find the real ins’ and outs’ of the groom experience.

I know you're thinking, what qualifies me right? Simply, ’Ive been known to talk a groom or two off the ledge in my time. Do I know everything there is? Obviously not, I’m not a guy – BUT – all of my male friends will tell you that I’m a good ‘Guys-Girl’. Yes I am watching March Madness right along with you. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this and watching American vs. Villanova. While I think Garrison Carr is on FIRE, it just isn’t enough…but I digress.

More than anything, it’s been my experience that you fellows are ‘short-changed’ in this engagement process. While some of you are of the “I gave her the ring, so just tell me where to show up” mind set, if you’ve been engaged more than 2 weeks, you know that’s not going to fly for long. Frankly it shouldn’t. This ring is the beginning. Your involvement, even though sometimes it may not seem so, IS appreciated, needed and wanted.

So I’m going to walk you through the process. Since I’m not sure where you are let’s start at the beginning. I promise I won’t preach, I’ll just gently guide you. If you get stuck, I’ll give you the nudge you need to get over the hump.
Let’s get started:

  • Your Budget
  • Who is going to be your supporting cast (that means your ‘Best Man, groomsmen and what are they supposed to do)
  • All the pre-wedding stuff (from the registry, to parties and all the emotions in between)
  • Looking your best (tux vs. suit)
  • The final hour (I haven’t had a groom pass out at the alter yet!!)
  • Yes that is a ring on your finger.

… you get the idea

I’ll address all of these and a lot more as we go though this together. Just like the girls I’ll have some ‘special event info’ just for you too. I’ll tell you that I’m working on an guys night at…well, you just have to come back to find out more ;-)

Thanks so much for allowing me to be your Groom-Godmother. Until next week…


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