Thursday, March 26, 2009

Registering with Michael C. Fina (part 1)

Today you're really lucky to have both Meryl Gold and Teegan Conti of Michael C. Fina to share their insight on bridal registries and what makes their registry process so unique. Michael C. Fina IS a fun store.

First I want to thank you both for taking the time to meet with me. I know this is a busy time of the year for you. But you know what, the fact that you are willing to give me a few minutes shows that you are dedicated to making this a stress-free time for the bride. So on behalf of my brides and grooms, I thank you.

So what are the 'hot pieces' that people are putting on their registry this year and what can couples 'pass' on?

What’s “hot” is shots of color like fuchsia & shades of green from grass to lime in glassware, salad plates or chargers. These are some fun colors that move a bit away from the traditional ones their parents registered for. We think that couples want to put some fun on their table. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t looking at traditional patterns though; they are doing a bit of both and embracing a mix between the two.

As far as what couples can “pass” on, it’s the cheap kitchen gadgets like peelers, spatulas and colanders. Why register for things you'll go out and buy yourself?
If they are looking for less expensive things to add for showers, parties, etc., I would suggest candlesticks, picture frames or other decorative items for the home.

What are busiest times of the year that you see a spike in bridal registries?

Really, we see brides at all times of the year. It all depends on when they plan to get married and when they are having their engagement party.

I know you're taking over Fortunoff's registry and offering an additional 15% completion, why are you doing this?

We aren’t taking over Fortunoff’s registry per se as we have entered no agreements with Fortunoff, but we are getting the word out to registered brides and brides-to-be that Michael C. Fina is the ultimate source for your bridal registry. With the largest selection of tableware on the East Coast and our knowledgeable and accommodating consultants committed to creating your dream registry, every bride is sure to fall in love with Michael C. Fina.

All brides that register at Michael C. Fina get a 15% completion discount. For Fortunoff brides who convert their registry to a Michael C. Fina registry, we are giving them a gift valued at $250.

Monday, we'll continue our conversation with Meryl and Teegan about the registry at, Michael C. Fina. Tomorrow, it's all about the grooms.

Until then...

For more info: Michael C. Fina is located at 545 Fifth Avenue, at the corner of 45th Street. You can reach the store directly by calling 1-800-288-3462.


Stephanie said...

My bridal registry was at Michael C. Fina when I got married last June, and I could not be more satisfied with the outcome. My husband and I were aware that the company offered the best selection of tableware in the area, but we had no idea how extensive and breathtaking the pieces there would be. When we walked downstairs in their Fifth Ave. store, we were surprised to find beautiful table linens, bath items, and glass art pieces along with the china we were looking for.

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