Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not your mothers wedding stationery

Ann Scott
Design by Ann Scott

Paper is always in vogue. For those that tailor to the bridal market and were truly creative, displayed top-line silhouettes, patterns and laser cut-outs that would rival that perfect bridal dress. These four designers take their cue from the latest fashion trends - love it!!

Ann Scott launched at NSS only last year, but immediately became much loved. Her whimsical and sassy designs captured the essence of today’s woman. This year she launched 3 lines, including one of them geared toward men.

Byrd & Bleecker
Byrd & Bleecker

I’m a big Izak (Zenou) fan. He is as talented as he is charming. When I heard his designs would now be apart of Byrd & Bleecker, I was thrilled. I’m hoping that Izak’s playful style, beautiful artwork and luxury branding will bring back the use of social stationery. Remember, you don’t HAVE TO use boring note cards to tell your bridal party thank you. With Izak, I’m sure you’ll find a card that will match the personalities of all your girls.


Both new & noteworthy and nominated in the 'Best New Product' category, Pergamino burst on the stationery scene with some of the most life-like cards “for the well-heeled woman”. The greeting cards are printed with eco-friendly inks on recycled, luxurious paper. Honestly, the paper has been ‘specially treated for a 'cashmere-soft touch’. So they feel as good as they look.

Bonnie Marcus
Bonnie Marcus

I’ve had the pleasure to meet Bonnie Marcus about 3 years ago and if your immediate thought when you see her stationery is “ahhh”, that is because her cards are a true reflection of the designer. You know the person you just meet, but wish she was your BFF? She has a great personality and you can tell she cares and listens to her consumer. This year she expanded her Wedding Celebrations section to include mini-bon bon (chic purse pads), bon bon notes (the large magnetic note pads with helpful reminder lists) and my new favorite wedding style flip flops.

Aren't they all lovely? The best part, there is something for every type of bride. Enjoy!


Gayle said...

There's some truly unique ideas in those photos. Very refreshing to see some designers striking out in new directions.

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