Sunday, May 30, 2010

NSS 2010 brings new eco-friendly wedding stationery that wows

saima says design
Saima Says Design

The National Stationery Show has really changed in the last 9 seasons I’ve attended. There is more 'color', sparkle, creativity and now more than ever, there are eco-friendly designers, creators and producers in all aspects of the paper industry attending. It's a sign of demand (ok, so request) and then supply.

This year, was filled with some interesting options, but these are the eco-friendly options that I thought were the best from the 2010 National Stationery Show.

Nominated for Best New product by NSS, ‘Saima Says Designintroduced a large selection of stationery ensembles from formal to casual with destination themed and multi-language options thrown in. With 14 styles and over 137 pieces to view, they are luxurious, eco-friendly and use a fine letterpress printing method. Her designs are truly breath-taking and will add an air of sophistication and love to your wedding. Remember your invitation is the first 'key' to the tone of your wedding day for your guests.

Lilywillow Paper
Lilywillow Paper Press

For the budget-conscious bride, who still wants to have letterpress without skimping on quality then Lilywillow Paper Press is for you. They offer digital, offset and letterpress printing options and best yet, a combination of all three. Mixing printing methods like digital for save the date, but letterpress for the actual invitation, will actually reduce the total over-all cost without quality. With them, you get the best of all worlds. It' really great that they are considering their consumer.

Smoch - rocks!

What can you say about SMOCK that hasn’t been said? Their paper and designs evoke passion and purpose. This is a company I’ve loved for years and I’m just sad that I can’t buy it all. From invitations to gift-tags and everything in between, Smock is a leader in eco-stationery. Using Bamboo paper and giving 1% of their sales to environmental causes, Smock is truly a model for others to aspire to become. They are providing a luxury product while taking care of the environment. Like you and your partner, Smock is a perfect combination.


‘Bloomin’ believes “What you say grows”. Their seeded paper is made from 100% recycled paper and embedded with a mixture of annual and perennial wildflower seeds. So after your wedding day, your family and friends can plant your invitation and watch their flowers, like your love grow.
42 pressed

Another ‘newbie’ I liked, 42 Pressed. If you’re looking for a ‘edgy, sophisticated, modern, handmade, totally cool way to introduce your wedding to your family and friends, they’ve got it. No ‘ho-hum-norm’ here. Helping your vision come to life is their goal and they will work with you until it happens.

Next season, I’m sure the number of environmentally aware companies will double at the show. Remember its supply and demand. The more we as consumers demand (ok, so request in our best ‘out-side voice’) that companies listen to what we want, the more likely we will have it.


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