Thursday, June 24, 2010

How do you choose wine for your wedding pt.2

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Recently a bride who was a cosmo kind of girl sent me some questions. She asked if there were some simple rules for picking wines, how many bottles to buy, and what questions she should ask when picking wines for her wedding. Well, you asked me…and here they are.

These rules/suggestions come directly from the wonderful people at Wine Spectator. It’s a great magazine and they know, I would think just about everything and offer the best information about wine.

1- Keep it simple and serve wines you and your finance like.

2- There is no need to break the bank. There are lots of tasty wines within any budget. Honestly!!

3- Figure there is about 1 glass per person, per hour and there are approximately 5 glasses in a bottle. If you are doing a DYI wedding or other self-catered event, you should be able to return any unopened bottles (check with your wine distributor when you make your purchase), if not, then give the m as mementos to special guests, your wedding party or use them to start your own bridal cellar at home.

4- The one and only thing that I think that is super important to remember is: If you are serving champagne with your cake, make sure it’s ‘slightly sweet’. A dry wine will taste extremely sour against the sweetness of the cake.


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