Friday, May 28, 2010

SATC2: Men lookin' good inspire grooms worldwide

SATC2  wedding
Dior and Ralph Lauren styled the tuxes in SATC2

Grooms let me tell you something and you’ve probably heard it at least once before. "This is your wedding too." So what does that mean? Your guests may oooh-ahh over your bride, but they are also checking out what you’re wearing. Trust me. Since you are also on center stage, why not do everything you can to look just as good?

Begin with making sure that your skin looks great (remember photoshop can only do so much!). Here are a few suggestions for you.

MiN New York Apothecary & Atelier has a real cool vibe. You’ll never feel rushed or pressured to purchase anything. Go, take a look around and feel free to ask Chad any question you have. My other new favorite for men is, Dermalogica located in Soho. They have a very simple skincare approach system that you’ll have no trouble following. Of course if you just want to check out a website that has volumes of information, turn to Craig the Barber. He is a professional barber and men's grooming expert who can answer questions from 'what to do about your sensitive skin' to 'why 'green-tea' actually helps your skin' too.

Gone are the days of ‘one tux fits all’. It’s all about your personal style. If your wedding is on the beach, I don’t expect you to be in a tux (unless you want to – there are no rules!!). The men in the Sex and the City 2 movie captured the look of a well-dressed man at a wedding and you and your groomsmen can too. Need some help, these are the men behind the clothes:
Stanford wore Christian Dior homme and Carrie wore a slim-legged Christian Dior tux as Best-woman.
John Preston (AKA: Big) looked wonderful in Ralph Lauren
Anthony knew that it was time to turn in his ‘wedding planner attire’ for the cool and clean look of Dolce&Gabbana
All of these shops are located in nationwide, ready to help you find your best look.

I know you may think that all eyes are on her, and it’s not a big deal, but trust me – it is. Sadly, this may be the only time your bride sees you looking this amazing. I say, start a new trend - men wanting to look good for the women they love. You should invest in a great suit as the trend grows to ‘renew vows’…this way, you don’t have to keep renting.

The bottom line is, let this be the first of many times you take your brides breath away. This will be an investment well worth it.


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