Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stationery 2011 reflects the changing 'wedding' dynamic

From him to  him
From Him to Him

At the National Stationery Show, there was row after row of cards, colors and ideas showing off trends for 2011. Next week I'll share some of my bet picks but for now, and since we (ok me, since I saw it last night) are in the early hours of SATC2 viewing, the wedding is (spoiler alert) between Anthony and Stanford. Mario Cantone, who plays Anthony said, " This wedding kills two birds with one stone. Putting us together really officially makes us a part of the family — the 'Sex and the City' family."

While they went with a more 'traditional invitation', I want to share "From Him to Him" a card company I found at the National Stationery show, who has cards for same-sex couples. While this is a very small market I think as more states allow same-sex marriages, this share of the business will grow.

2011 Wedding Stationery Trends:

Natural pallets are big for 2011. Blue of the ocean, tan of the beach, purple and gold of sunsets. With that being said, turquoise is being used like never before. For some cultures, turquoise has been seen as a protective and caring color. Now because it was chosen by Pantone as color of the year, it quickly made it's way to wedding invitations. Universally seen as a fun and playful color that has been used for destination weddings, the color is now making it's way into the mainstream.

Ink colors that are hot include: coral, sage green, butter yellow, bright purple, silver/slate gray and metallic.

Joy of Soy: Traditional inks are being replaced by eco-friendly soy ink. 'Green' papers and ink speak to your eco-friendliness without screaming it to your guests.

Understated elegance and romance is making a come back.

Custom illustrations are making a big statement. Everything from save the dates to illustrated maps show the personality of the couple.

It was really wonderful to see that more designer are using color in their lines. Don't worry, the very traditional cream/ivory with gold-leaf it going anywhere, anytime soon. The market is demanding that invitations reflect the consumer: a diverse market and culture.

Tomorrow I'll have my final piece on SATC2. The designers who dressed the men of Sex and the City are truly an amazing group and designers for your groom and his men. There's nothing better than a well dressed man at a wedding or anytime...


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