Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SATC2: Morocco is a wonderful destination for your honeymoon - SPOILER ALERTincl.

SATAC2 Sarah Jessica Parker
Walking across the sands of time....

I’m lucky. I have one of the best jobs on the planet. I love my PR business and clients (like Samantha), I enjoy living in Brooklyn (like Miranda) and a hopeless romantic (like Charlotte) and love a good pair of shoes (like Carrie….ok, I have tons of shoes, sans the closet). The anticipation of Sex and the City 2 is at a fever pitch and last night, the NYC premiere was INSANE!!

Today I hope to provide you with helpful information that will have you saying, “I want to go to the Kasbah for my honeymoon.” Tomorrow, let’s talk stationery and the finer details of a certain wedding….YOURS and how you can incorporate some of the SATC2 details in your wedding and reception. Friday a look from the male perspective: nothing like a well dressed man.

Ok so a warning…there are some SPOILERS here. I didn’t want this to just be about SATC so please consider having your honeymoon in Morocco. It’s a beautiful, friendly, safe and now ‘sexy’ city

1 – While they say they are in Abu Dhabi, the movie is actually filmed in Morocco. The team of SATC2 hoped to film in Dubai rather than Abu Dhabi, but were refused permission after the script was submitted for review.

2 – The beautiful sand dunes (Ait Benhaddou Ouarzazate ) where the girls ride camels and have lunch and cocktails are the same where “Lawrence of Arabia” was filmed. Getting into Morocco yes, fly Emirates airline as the service is wonderful. You may not want to sleep in the middle of a desert so you should check out the Mamounia Hotel or Riad 72. Honestly my ultimate favorite location is Kasbah Tamadot as it offers everything you can think of and then some. This is a Sir Richard Branson (yes of Virgin fame) property and the service will have you begging to stay forever.

3 – SATC stylist Patricia Field worked her wardrobe magic again, flawlessly mixing high and low-end pieces for stylishly innovative looks. She is a wonderfully talented woman (and really nice too!!). Are you looking for the Moroccan-type tunic you can get inexpensive ones Zara (corner of 42nd Street/5th Ave), H&M or more elaborate designs at Tory Burch. Finally, if you are wondering if the ‘shoes’ (actually they are leather pointy-toed slippers known as ‘babouches’) are actually $20 as “Carrie” says in the movie…well, mine were $8. Yes, I bought many!

4 – Did you wonder what the scene of Columbus Circle? Did you think, “Oh this is a great opening scene of NYC” well, it is, but did you know the Columbus Circle fountain is where Carrie and Aidan broke up? SPOILER ALERT: Is this a indication of what’s to come? You know the entire “full-circle” theory.

5 – The beautiful men at the pool are actually the Australian Rugby team. They were actually staying at the same hotel while the movie was filming and you can bet, they weren’t expecting this cameo moment.

6 – SPOILER ALERT: There are several keys throughout the movie proving everything isn’t “as black or white as it seems”. In other words…be careful what you wish for.

7 – MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: The theme of the wedding is ‘Old Hollywood’ glam; that means lots of sparkle. From the chandelier, floral arrangements, trees, the footbridge, champagne, the cake, top-hat and ‘tails’ to perhaps….another putting ‘a ring on it’. To cap of the GLAM, Liza Minnelli officiates Stanford’s wedding to Anthony before busting into Beyonce's 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It). Look for the ever stylish Tim Gunn to make an appearance.

That’s it for now. See you tomorrow when we talk wedding details.


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