Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unique wedding ideas from food to fashion
Divvies gift pack

Are you one of those people who is allergic to peanuts or other foods? Are you following a strict vegan diet? Do you know people in your family or people who will be attending your wedding that are? Well, Divvies is a company that can provide you with a great food alternative. I’m not saying that they can do your wedding cake, but they do have cupcakes, popcorn, candy and other really great treats that are made from a unique dairy-free and egg-free recipes. Take a look and try some new goodies.
Divvies -

How many of you would like to invite the President of the United States to your wedding? Well, I’m sure he’s a bit busy, but you can have the Obamas send you a congratulatory note. Look at it this way, you won’t have to feed the throngs of Secret Service agents or compete with Michelle’s killer arms. Send your invite to:
The Honorable Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama
The White house Greetings Office,
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - Room 39
Washington, DC 20500 or fax 202.395.1232

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Have you picked your readings yet? Don’t know where to start – I do. They list some of the more popular readings, scriptures, poetry etc. None of those work for you, then try

The warm weather has finally arrived... and with the sunshine, the return of the Bryant Park Yoga Program! Every week, lululemon is offering two complimentary open-level yoga classes in the heart of Manhattan, Bryant Park: Tuesdays: 10-11AM (meet on the paved patio at the northeast corner of the park) Thursdays: 6-7PM (meet on the southwest corner of the lawn). The season begins on Tuesday, May 5th and runs through Thursday, August 27th. If you have your own yoga mat, please bring it along! Questions? Email: In case of rain call: 212-768-4242 and for more info check out: See you soon.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding you don’t want your potty to be the lasting impression your guests have, Kohler’s has portable rest rooms that you can rent and you know what…your guests won’t ever know they are ‘in nature’.


Did you see Angels and Deamons this weekend? If you did, then you saw several illuminati styled ambigrams that are really beautiful. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well let me explain. An Ambigrams is a word or group of words that you can read both forward AND upside-down. Just like the tattoo to the left, no matter how you look at it, it still spells "Faith". Cool huh?

I know, why am I telling you about this and what does it have to do with your wedding? Well to start, these are pretty cool. How great would it be to have both you and your partner’s name, as one, on your invitation or on a napkin? After speaking with Mark Pamer, the artist and creative director behind wow tattoos, he can create a custom ambigram in 7-10 days. If you want to create ‘temporary tattoo stickers’, a great ice-breaker and 'id' for destination weddings or engagement parties he can help with that too. I know that the little kids that are a part of the ceremony would love it. If you want to make it permanent, then Mark can send you the custom design and you can take it to your local tattoo artist for replication on the body part of your choice. Check out Mark's site -


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