Monday, May 11, 2009

Launching a new bridal collection - Niki Livas

Niki Livas
Courtesy of Alfred Angelo

Do you know Niki Livas? For many years, Niki has been a leading designer in the prom industry. With an eye on the future and her extensive knowledge of a woman’s body, Niki has really done a wonderful job in her debut bridal collection.

Niki, what do you consider “hot” as you were designing your collection or better, what are brides asking for when looking at your beautiful dresses?

The number one thing asked is for low backs and I mean really low, also with back interest (something strappy or with bling). We also see girls asking for ball gowns in certain areas of the country, by this I mean princess looks with big full skirts. In my collection, there is something for every bride.

I’m sure you’re used to busy seasons when you were working on your other dresses. What are you finding as the busiest times of the year or spike in bridal gowns?

For us and I think for the industry in general, after the holidays, when girls get engaged for June-September weddings, and again in early Fall and Spring weddings. The collection has been incredibly well-received thus far, and has generated a wonderful amount of interest throughout the bridal industry. There’s been a lot of buzz generated especially for brides looking for a great gown with their eye on a particular budget.

With a growing number of brides that are very ecologically conscious, what other ways can a bride be more 'environmentally friendly’?

If their gowns can be recycled and other girls can wear them again, so they are not discarded, that is one way. If the gowns are made in natural fabrics like cotton or linen, that is also a great advantage. Simply if the fabrics don’t have to be dyed and they are kept in their natural form, that is more eco-friendly. We are working on some ideas for more eco-friendly designs in our bridal collections for the future.

How long does it take to create a dress and what are your price ranges?

It takes about 4 weeks to create a dress and the price ranges are $199 to $425 retail. I thought these prices are more affordable and recession friendly. I want to make sure that every woman that is looking for a special dress will have the opportunity to have one, especially with the state of the economy right now.

Anything else you want the readers to know about your designs?

My designs are interpreted from designs I have been successful with in my other evening, cocktail, celebrity inspired collections. Most of the gowns in the collection have something taken from the best performing dresses in the retail stores.

If you want to be on the cutting edge of a wonderful designer who has plunging necklines, body-hugging dresses, with a touch of "bling" at an affordable price, you have found the right designer – Niki Livas.

For more info: Please go directly to the Alfred Angelo site and look for Niki by Niki Livas/Zum Zum - Remember that these designs won't be available until Fall 2009, so be sure to check back here or on their site for ordering information and additional photos.


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