Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Merging customs, traditions and lives

The toasts. The bouquet toss. The dreaded Electric Slide. These are rituals that, for better or worse, you can expect at a typical wedding. But what if you wanted to blend your cultures and traditions?? Here are more cultures and traditions that you can incorporate into your wedding to personalize it and add a little 'international flair' to it.

If your family is from France
Having a special cup for your toast is a wonderful tradition. Here many couples drink from an engraved two-handled coupe de marriage cup for the reception toast. The cup is then passed from generation to generation.

If your family is from Japan
Japanese couples officially become husband and wife after taking three sips of sake from the same cup. This is known as ‘san-san-kudo’ and has long symbolized the bond between the couple and the spiritual world.

If your family is from Poland
This tradition might have added ‘benefit’ during this economic crisis. It is a custom that guests pin money to the dancing bride and groom to help them out financially build a new life together.

If your family is from Taiwan
On the morning of the wedding, the groom and his family goes to the brides’ house. Before he looks at her, he kneels in front of her parents and promised that he will take care of her. I think that when a man asks permission he is doing the same thing, just with out kneeling…then again, maybe the kneeling wouldn’t hurt.

So no matter what your custom or culture, there is a rich history you can pull some traditions. Likewise, if there is a culture/customs that you like, incorporate it in your ceremony anyway. Tell me what you're doing - bridalease@gmail.com


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