Monday, May 25, 2009

Backyard weddings take timing, planning and bug spray

Naturally beautiful backyard

Who says that weddings have to be in a church, or a reception in a fancy hall? In this economy unique and less expensive weddings are taking place in backyards across the country - maybe even this Memorial Day weekend. I know, not everyone has a Hampton spread, or even a house in N.J .where you can pitch a tent, but for those of you that do, this is for you.

• First of all take a look at your yard and figure out how much space you have and what kind of tent you need. OH…keep in mind, if you do decide to have an outdoor wedding in a tent, you may not want to have a ball gown. Yes I know, we keep going back to the dress but ,you can’t have a big-ol’ hoop skirt walking down a small isle. You’ll take out all your guests sitting on the end of the row.

• Once you have picked out your tent design, decide what you are going to have in it – this mean you may need to have a landscaper fill-in uneven ground, possibly plant new flowers. Where is your isle, minister or Huppah going to be? Where will your bridal party stand or sit?

• Plan which parts of the tent will be for dancing and which part for the ceremony. If you don’t have an extra-wide space, then see if your caterer will breakdown the ceremony chairs and move in tables for dinner and space for dancing.

• Where are you going to have food, bar, DJ/Band cake?

• Make sure that the week before your wedding the landscaper does a through clean up.

• The day or two before, anything that isn’t wedding related move it into the garage.

• The day of – well I hope the sun is shining and have someone in your bridal party – a groomsman perhaps – put out the sign that says 'Starr and Joe’s' wedding to direct your guests.

• The bottom line is you won’t have any control over the weather, just do your best to prepare in case it should rain. Insects – plan for some bug repellant to keep them at bay.

• When you’re speaking with the caterer or rental-company, make sure you check these requests off your list:

• Tables, chairs, plates, flatware, glasses, table linens, a dance floor, containers to keep food hot and bugs out, speakers, out-door lights, portable restrooms, extra ice, plates and will they do a final clean-up at the end of the night so you don’t have to.

Decorate your tent in your colors and designs. You can make it as beautiful, if not more so than any hotel or other venue. So take a breath, relax and enjoy. It's your day.

Until next time, I wish you a very happy, safe and bug-free Memorial Day. OH, if you see a service man/woman walking around this weekend (or anytime) tell them "Thank You" for doing what they do.


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