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Fine and Dandy - a site for grooms and those who love them

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I’ve been looking for someone hip, cool and who has the ability to give the inside scoop on keeping you my groom, well-groomed and up on the coolest styles. Matt Fox is the ‘shopkeeper’ of ‘Fine and Dandy and this site is a good site before, during and after your wedding. Be sure to check out their “Dandy Deals”

Can you tell me why you created this site?
I've wanted to open a storefront shop for many years. With the great expense of real estate in NYC, it's been more a dream than a reality. About a year ago I had the idea to give it a try online. We launched on October 31, 2008, and were thrilled with the holiday shopping sales.

What do you think you can provide for the grooms that are going for a different 'look'?
We're big believers in the simple, traditional look, with a few understated details: a basic black tux with a bow tie (hand tied, of course) cufflinks, pocket square, and coordinating socks. Your grooms are on their own to find a tux but we've got the accessories covered.

What are the best/signature pieces, do you have any that are 'eco-friendly' and what are the best sellers?
Our bow ties are our signature pieces. The bow tie is making a big time come back, and not just in formal wear. In addition to bow ties, we have a simple silver rectangular tie bar that has been extremely popular. Very "Mad Men". Right now we don't have anything that is specifically eco-friendly, although that is something that is important to us as we expand.

Can you give me some advice on what they should do/how they should prepare not just for their wedding, but maintain the 'look' after?
Always, always be the best dressed person in the room. It's better to be 10% over-dressed than 10% under-dressed. The US has been gradually shifting over the last several decades to becoming extremely casual-dress focused. That seems to be changing, particularly for menswear. I think part of it is the economy. We all have to dress to impress (and keep our jobs). Men should focus on fit, and the details of a few well chosen accessories.

Grooms no matter what, remember to keep your look simple, comfortable and add something special to help you stand out. Remember it’s your wedding too.

For more info: If you are interested in checking out some great accessories for your wedding, go to Fine and Dandy Shop.


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