Sunday, May 30, 2010

NSS 2010 brings new eco-friendly wedding stationery that wows

saima says design
Saima Says Design

The National Stationery Show has really changed in the last 9 seasons I’ve attended. There is more 'color', sparkle, creativity and now more than ever, there are eco-friendly designers, creators and producers in all aspects of the paper industry attending. It's a sign of demand (ok, so request) and then supply.

This year, was filled with some interesting options, but these are the eco-friendly options that I thought were the best from the 2010 National Stationery Show.

Nominated for Best New product by NSS, ‘Saima Says Designintroduced a large selection of stationery ensembles from formal to casual with destination themed and multi-language options thrown in. With 14 styles and over 137 pieces to view, they are luxurious, eco-friendly and use a fine letterpress printing method. Her designs are truly breath-taking and will add an air of sophistication and love to your wedding. Remember your invitation is the first 'key' to the tone of your wedding day for your guests.

Lilywillow Paper
Lilywillow Paper Press

For the budget-conscious bride, who still wants to have letterpress without skimping on quality then Lilywillow Paper Press is for you. They offer digital, offset and letterpress printing options and best yet, a combination of all three. Mixing printing methods like digital for save the date, but letterpress for the actual invitation, will actually reduce the total over-all cost without quality. With them, you get the best of all worlds. It' really great that they are considering their consumer.

Smoch - rocks!

What can you say about SMOCK that hasn’t been said? Their paper and designs evoke passion and purpose. This is a company I’ve loved for years and I’m just sad that I can’t buy it all. From invitations to gift-tags and everything in between, Smock is a leader in eco-stationery. Using Bamboo paper and giving 1% of their sales to environmental causes, Smock is truly a model for others to aspire to become. They are providing a luxury product while taking care of the environment. Like you and your partner, Smock is a perfect combination.


‘Bloomin’ believes “What you say grows”. Their seeded paper is made from 100% recycled paper and embedded with a mixture of annual and perennial wildflower seeds. So after your wedding day, your family and friends can plant your invitation and watch their flowers, like your love grow.
42 pressed

Another ‘newbie’ I liked, 42 Pressed. If you’re looking for a ‘edgy, sophisticated, modern, handmade, totally cool way to introduce your wedding to your family and friends, they’ve got it. No ‘ho-hum-norm’ here. Helping your vision come to life is their goal and they will work with you until it happens.

Next season, I’m sure the number of environmentally aware companies will double at the show. Remember its supply and demand. The more we as consumers demand (ok, so request in our best ‘out-side voice’) that companies listen to what we want, the more likely we will have it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Did someone say Wedding event and sale? June brings it all

You know bridal season is officially underway when there are events, or several per week – even per day. Here are just a few to get your June started.

  • If you are going to a trunk show don’t bring your entire bridal party with you. Just your mom or your MOH, more than that, two many opinions = stress.
  • Wear flesh-tone/neutral underwear. Nothing can take away from the dreamiest gown than fuchsia underwear peaking through.
  • Know your designer. They all have websites so check them out first.
  • Don’t, don’t, don’t feel pressured that you ‘MUST BUY IT NOW’. If there are any doubts then wait. Trust me, nothing worse than buying a dress and you can’t return it. This is an investment so take your time.

Ok, let’s go shopping!

One of the most anticipated openings this year. J.Crew Bridal has finally opened. Remember, I told you about this earlier this month and am so happy it’s finally here. Yes, the entire store is bridal and everything you could possibly want (bridesmaid dresses, menswear, outfits for the little people, accessories and so much more). J. Crew and Martha Stewart Weddings are hosting a very chic event on June 2, so if haven’t RSVP’s already, do it today. RSVP to KATE@JCREW.COM

J. Crew Bridal- 769 Madison Ave, NYC
While you’re at it, say“I Do” to J. Crew" and enter their sweepstakes.

♥ ♥ ♥

Gabriella Bridal New York is hosting several events – pick your favorite or attend them all.

Lingerie Party – June 2. Wine, a fun environment and lingerie – what more can you ask for?
TRUNK SHOW: June 10 - 12 Douglas Hannants 2010 bridal collection
TRUNK SHOW: June 18 - 19: Angel Sanchez 2010 bridal collection

For all events RSVP

Gabriella New York Bridal Salon – 400 West 14th Street – Ste 2A, NYC - 212.206.1915

♥ ♥ ♥

Meet Cynthia Rowley as she launches her new collection of bridesmaids dresses. Foursquare users who check in between 6-8pm on June 3rd at the Cynthia Rowley store will receive a FREE gift! One lucky participant will unlock an amazing package put together by the three venues. RSVP to this event by contacting

Cynthia Rowley - 376 Bleecker St, NYC, 6-8pm

♥ ♥ ♥

Mark Ingram, a person I often write about because of his style, has an intimate environment for you to view these crème de la crème designers.
Carolina Herrera Trunk Show - June 3 - 5
Marchesa Trunk Show - June 10 - 12
Anne Barge Trunk Show - June 17 - 19
Lela Rose Trunk Show - June 24 - 26

To schedule an appointment, please call - 212 319 6778
Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier 110 East 55th Street, 8th Fl., NYC

♥ ♥ ♥

Saks Fifth Avenue NYC, will have the following designer bridal trunk shows:
Carolina Herrera- June 17 - 19
Oscar De La Renta - June 24 - 26
For more information or to schedule a private appointment, please call the Bridal Salon at 212.940.2269.
Sals Fifth Avenue 611 5th Avenue, NYC - 212-753-4000

♥ ♥ ♥

The Pronovias NYC Flagship store promises some exciting gowns will be seen during the following trunk shows this month.
La Sponsa June 1 - 2
PronoviasJune 4 - 5
San Patrick June 8 - 9
You can either register on line – or call 212.897.6393 for an appointment.

♥ ♥ ♥

Christos, one of the three lines designs by Amsale will be having a trunk show at the Amsale Flagship Store – June 10-12. Call to schedule your appointment – 212.583.1700.
Amsale 625 Madison Avenue, 2nd floor, NYC

♥ ♥ ♥

Bridal Reflections, is where dreams come true for thousands of brides. If these are your designers of choice, this is the perfect time to purchase your dress at their trunk shows.

Simone Carvalli - Presenting the brand new 2010 collection! June 11th - 13
Stephen Yearick June 18th - 20
Ines Di Santo June 25th - 27

Bridal Reflections 260 Fifth Avenue (At W. 28th St) For more information or to set up a consultation appointment, call 212-764-3040.

Friday, May 28, 2010

SATC2: Men lookin' good inspire grooms worldwide

SATC2  wedding
Dior and Ralph Lauren styled the tuxes in SATC2

Grooms let me tell you something and you’ve probably heard it at least once before. "This is your wedding too." So what does that mean? Your guests may oooh-ahh over your bride, but they are also checking out what you’re wearing. Trust me. Since you are also on center stage, why not do everything you can to look just as good?

Begin with making sure that your skin looks great (remember photoshop can only do so much!). Here are a few suggestions for you.

MiN New York Apothecary & Atelier has a real cool vibe. You’ll never feel rushed or pressured to purchase anything. Go, take a look around and feel free to ask Chad any question you have. My other new favorite for men is, Dermalogica located in Soho. They have a very simple skincare approach system that you’ll have no trouble following. Of course if you just want to check out a website that has volumes of information, turn to Craig the Barber. He is a professional barber and men's grooming expert who can answer questions from 'what to do about your sensitive skin' to 'why 'green-tea' actually helps your skin' too.

Gone are the days of ‘one tux fits all’. It’s all about your personal style. If your wedding is on the beach, I don’t expect you to be in a tux (unless you want to – there are no rules!!). The men in the Sex and the City 2 movie captured the look of a well-dressed man at a wedding and you and your groomsmen can too. Need some help, these are the men behind the clothes:
Stanford wore Christian Dior homme and Carrie wore a slim-legged Christian Dior tux as Best-woman.
John Preston (AKA: Big) looked wonderful in Ralph Lauren
Anthony knew that it was time to turn in his ‘wedding planner attire’ for the cool and clean look of Dolce&Gabbana
All of these shops are located in nationwide, ready to help you find your best look.

I know you may think that all eyes are on her, and it’s not a big deal, but trust me – it is. Sadly, this may be the only time your bride sees you looking this amazing. I say, start a new trend - men wanting to look good for the women they love. You should invest in a great suit as the trend grows to ‘renew vows’…this way, you don’t have to keep renting.

The bottom line is, let this be the first of many times you take your brides breath away. This will be an investment well worth it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stationery 2011 reflects the changing 'wedding' dynamic

From him to  him
From Him to Him

At the National Stationery Show, there was row after row of cards, colors and ideas showing off trends for 2011. Next week I'll share some of my bet picks but for now, and since we (ok me, since I saw it last night) are in the early hours of SATC2 viewing, the wedding is (spoiler alert) between Anthony and Stanford. Mario Cantone, who plays Anthony said, " This wedding kills two birds with one stone. Putting us together really officially makes us a part of the family — the 'Sex and the City' family."

While they went with a more 'traditional invitation', I want to share "From Him to Him" a card company I found at the National Stationery show, who has cards for same-sex couples. While this is a very small market I think as more states allow same-sex marriages, this share of the business will grow.

2011 Wedding Stationery Trends:

Natural pallets are big for 2011. Blue of the ocean, tan of the beach, purple and gold of sunsets. With that being said, turquoise is being used like never before. For some cultures, turquoise has been seen as a protective and caring color. Now because it was chosen by Pantone as color of the year, it quickly made it's way to wedding invitations. Universally seen as a fun and playful color that has been used for destination weddings, the color is now making it's way into the mainstream.

Ink colors that are hot include: coral, sage green, butter yellow, bright purple, silver/slate gray and metallic.

Joy of Soy: Traditional inks are being replaced by eco-friendly soy ink. 'Green' papers and ink speak to your eco-friendliness without screaming it to your guests.

Understated elegance and romance is making a come back.

Custom illustrations are making a big statement. Everything from save the dates to illustrated maps show the personality of the couple.

It was really wonderful to see that more designer are using color in their lines. Don't worry, the very traditional cream/ivory with gold-leaf it going anywhere, anytime soon. The market is demanding that invitations reflect the consumer: a diverse market and culture.

Tomorrow I'll have my final piece on SATC2. The designers who dressed the men of Sex and the City are truly an amazing group and designers for your groom and his men. There's nothing better than a well dressed man at a wedding or anytime...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SATC2: Morocco is a wonderful destination for your honeymoon - SPOILER ALERTincl.

SATAC2 Sarah Jessica Parker
Walking across the sands of time....

I’m lucky. I have one of the best jobs on the planet. I love my PR business and clients (like Samantha), I enjoy living in Brooklyn (like Miranda) and a hopeless romantic (like Charlotte) and love a good pair of shoes (like Carrie….ok, I have tons of shoes, sans the closet). The anticipation of Sex and the City 2 is at a fever pitch and last night, the NYC premiere was INSANE!!

Today I hope to provide you with helpful information that will have you saying, “I want to go to the Kasbah for my honeymoon.” Tomorrow, let’s talk stationery and the finer details of a certain wedding….YOURS and how you can incorporate some of the SATC2 details in your wedding and reception. Friday a look from the male perspective: nothing like a well dressed man.

Ok so a warning…there are some SPOILERS here. I didn’t want this to just be about SATC so please consider having your honeymoon in Morocco. It’s a beautiful, friendly, safe and now ‘sexy’ city

1 – While they say they are in Abu Dhabi, the movie is actually filmed in Morocco. The team of SATC2 hoped to film in Dubai rather than Abu Dhabi, but were refused permission after the script was submitted for review.

2 – The beautiful sand dunes (Ait Benhaddou Ouarzazate ) where the girls ride camels and have lunch and cocktails are the same where “Lawrence of Arabia” was filmed. Getting into Morocco yes, fly Emirates airline as the service is wonderful. You may not want to sleep in the middle of a desert so you should check out the Mamounia Hotel or Riad 72. Honestly my ultimate favorite location is Kasbah Tamadot as it offers everything you can think of and then some. This is a Sir Richard Branson (yes of Virgin fame) property and the service will have you begging to stay forever.

3 – SATC stylist Patricia Field worked her wardrobe magic again, flawlessly mixing high and low-end pieces for stylishly innovative looks. She is a wonderfully talented woman (and really nice too!!). Are you looking for the Moroccan-type tunic you can get inexpensive ones Zara (corner of 42nd Street/5th Ave), H&M or more elaborate designs at Tory Burch. Finally, if you are wondering if the ‘shoes’ (actually they are leather pointy-toed slippers known as ‘babouches’) are actually $20 as “Carrie” says in the movie…well, mine were $8. Yes, I bought many!

4 – Did you wonder what the scene of Columbus Circle? Did you think, “Oh this is a great opening scene of NYC” well, it is, but did you know the Columbus Circle fountain is where Carrie and Aidan broke up? SPOILER ALERT: Is this a indication of what’s to come? You know the entire “full-circle” theory.

5 – The beautiful men at the pool are actually the Australian Rugby team. They were actually staying at the same hotel while the movie was filming and you can bet, they weren’t expecting this cameo moment.

6 – SPOILER ALERT: There are several keys throughout the movie proving everything isn’t “as black or white as it seems”. In other words…be careful what you wish for.

7 – MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: The theme of the wedding is ‘Old Hollywood’ glam; that means lots of sparkle. From the chandelier, floral arrangements, trees, the footbridge, champagne, the cake, top-hat and ‘tails’ to perhaps….another putting ‘a ring on it’. To cap of the GLAM, Liza Minnelli officiates Stanford’s wedding to Anthony before busting into Beyonce's 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It). Look for the ever stylish Tim Gunn to make an appearance.

That’s it for now. See you tomorrow when we talk wedding details.

Monday, May 24, 2010

SATC2 2010 SPOILER: Scenes from the movie to tease

Are you a Sex and the City fan? Did you hear about a certain wedding (or possibly two??) If so and you’re going to the movie this week, you may not want to look at this article. These clips of some of the scenes from the Sex and the City 2 movie are coming to you via

Enjoy these clips today and let me know what’s your favorite SATC episode. I can say right now, I’m pretty torn between the wedding in SATC1 and SATC2 (oh…just wait until you see it). Actually, I hope you use this as an opportunity to spend time with the women in your bridal party. Remember "Men, babies whatever. Your girlfriends are forever." Tomorrow there will be more spoilers that I know you’re going to want to hear (hint, hint), along with information on designers who can help you create your own magical wedding (or at least really cool weekend with your girls). Friday is dedicated to the men in our lives. Grooms and their groomsmen want to look ‘sexy’ too.

Sex and the City 2 movie begins May 27.

These clips are brought to you by

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

St. Pucchi 2011 Bridal Collection: Old-world elegance with a twist

St. Pucchi
Photo by First View of St. Pucchi Spring 2011 Collection (NYC)

Rani Totman is the award-winning designer of the luxurious bridal wear line St. Pucchi and what a job she has. The new collections were inspired by Europe’s finest art and architecture, which like the St. Pucchi collections of the past, blend modern innovation with her signature old-world elegance.

I was very lucky to spend time with her in-between shows and she is a joy to be with. “I spent a great part of last year traveling throughout Europe and when I travel, I find that inspiration, comes through in my collections.” Rani said. “There is something about ‘capturing the fantasy, unprecedented glamour and elegance; of past societies and putting a modern twist for today’s bride.”

The St. Pucchi collection is one that will always be for a very special bride. St. Pucchi emphasizes the structured bodices with boning to accentuate the feminine form unlike many other designers. This style flatters every figure and offers a modern yet classic feel that is wanted. It’s a pairing of heavier looks, yet with an airy and light fabric such as lace or silk organdy. If you choose the St. Pucchi Couture, Avine Perucci or Sposa lines, you will always be a St. Pucchi bride and that means pure luxury and romance are yours for the taking.

Fabric trends: Silk duchess satin, crackle mesh, silk dupinoi, silk taffeta, silk satin organza, silk shantung
Color trends: Gold, ivory, champagne,
Style trends: Strapless, corseted sheer jeweled bodice, one shoulder, drop waist, scooped neckline, mermaid, full ball gown, spaghetti straps, sweetheart neckline and A-line.

If you want to learn more about this line, you can find them at St. Pucchi.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wedding sales, events and deals: May 2010

Spa Week Wed like a celeb
Wed like a Celeb and win.

What: Spa Week!, and St. Regis Bora Bora Resort have teamed up to win a designer wedding gown from David Tutera by Faviana plus a 6-day honeymoon at St. Regis Bora Bora Resort!
Why: So they can “Wed Like a Celeb”.
When: Now through July 1, 2010
Where: – just look for the link that says “Wed Like A Celeb”.

What: Very Wang 20th Anniversary
Why: Really? Do you have to ask? Celebrate with her as she commemorates 20 years revolutionizing the wedding industry.
When: May 12 at 6:00pm
Where: Bloomingdales 59th Street – 6th Floor.

While you’re at Bloomingdales 59th Street, stop by Judy Paulen Designs, Ltd. on the 6th floor
What: Stationery event
Why: Because Judy Paulen wants you to save. All attendees who order sets of 75 or more at the event, will receive 25 additional sets FREE.
When: May 12 at 6:00pm (so after you see Vera, stop by and see her stationery)

What: There’s more….The Vera Wang Bridal showcase
Why: The exclusive gown gallery retrospective of Vera Wang Bridal
When: May 12-June 5 2010
Where: Bloomindgales 59th Street – 4th Floor.

What: Brides Newlywed Nest – presented by IKEA
Why: Continuing their ‘nesting’ workshops
When: May 13 – Girls night out with Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier
Where: 311 East 11: Village – 311 east 11th Street, PH2A (bet 1st and 2nd ave)

What: Colette Malouf
Why: Bedazzle and bejewel your hair with $40 headbands & miscellaneous hair accessories that may be a great alternative to your wedding veil. Maybe a great little something for your bridal party….hmmmm
When: May 19 & 20. - 10am-8:00pm
Where: 594 Broadway, b/t Houston & Prince St., ste. 1216

Do you have an event or sale that you want me to post. Feel free to send it to me at bridalease {at} gmail {dot} com.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Destination Montreal: Can we help you pt. 3.

As I’ve shared with you over the last 3 days, there is a lot to do, taste and see in Montreal. All that’s great if you’re going on your vacation or planning your honeymoon. What if…you want to be married there? While I think there are several amazing wedding planners here in NYC who successfully completed wedding celebrations in Montreal, sometimes it’s the ‘local’ planner or photographer who can show you those little places that only, well a local can.

Today I’m really happy to introduce you to a few that I know from personal experience to be among the best in Montreal. What makes them so special? Professionalism. Quality. Consistent work product. Success rate is key but most of all, happy couples.

Getting married in Montreal Merci Canada! You allow two people wishing to make a public commitment to live together may form a civil marriage, whether they are of the same or the opposite sex. To read all the requirements, for all applications to get married please click here.

Please, don’t think you can do it alone. These vendors are more than happy to help you make your wedding day special.
Bluedogz Design - Stationery – Nadine Lerner - @bluedogzdesign
At Home with Kim Vallee – Stylish living with a beautiful wedding selection – Kim Vallee - @KimVallee
‘I shoot people’ – Photographer – Carrie MacPherson - @ccmacpherson
Maddy K – Wedding planning – MaddyK - @MaddyKAtelier
That Sky Blue Letterpress Eco-Stationery - Ana Deque & Litsa Babalis

Vendors for lovely and unique gifts and wedding registry:
Annie Michaud – Hand blown glass/house wear and beautiful trinkets for your bridal party and guests.
Lin & Coton – Soft linen and bedding. Simply lovely shop – 4008, rue St-Denis (also 4932, rue Sherbrook ouest) 413.843.9419
Kusmi salon has teas from around the world and their tins are totally cool lace to stop and have a cup after a day of shopping.
Clever Cupcakes are the amazing treat. My only advice, order them early with a few extra – they are that good!
Aqueovo – This is the sexiest bottle of water ever! A wonderful wedding gift

Just like every major city, here are a few events that may cause a ‘rise in hotel price or availability’. My wonderful friends at the Montreal Tourism bureau are the best source to keep you up to date as you plan your wedding.

A small selection of events for the rest of 2010
Cirque du Soleil – Now until July 11, 2010 This is an all new production coming to life under the yellow and blue big top on the Quays of the Old Port.

Montréal Jazz Festival - I can't imagine a better time to hear your favorite Jazz artists. June 25 to July 6, 2010

I hope you enjoyed my little ‘trip through Canada’. I know I had a blast when I was there and look forward to attending their wedding workshop in the fall. If you have a favorite wedding vendor, let me know about them. Until then, vous remercier Montréal et à tous les couples a une grande aventure de noce. Au revoir!
Thank you Montreal and to all the couples, have a great wedding adventure. Bye!

Montreal an ideal destination wedding location pt. 2

Do you have visions of having your wedding in a city that is a pioneer in the area of sustainable tourism? Maybe a short distance from NYC with a true French flair? I have the perfect place in mind for you to consider Montréal, Canada. It is the perfect escape when Paris or the euro isn’t an option. A short 3 hr plane trip away, it makes a wonderful and quick destination location to enjoy every moment from your engagement (a quick weekend trip perhaps) until after you “I Do”. It has charm that matches Old Europe, the finest in dining, architectural innovation and historic grandeur. With all that in mind, have you ever thought of Montreal as having the ‘heat’ of Miami??

Montréal is the world’s first city to have received the National Geographic Society’s Geotourism accreditation. This makes is a wonderful location for all things eco-friendly from airport, hotels, registries, restaurants and parks. In addition, if you are looking for a wonderful hotel there are many including, the Opus Montréal (a grand prize winner for tourism in Quebec) that I told you about yesterday.

On a recent trip, I discovered some people and places that I wanted to share with you as you possibly plan your visit or more importantly your wedding in Montreal.

Where should you get married?
Basilique Notre-Dame 110 Rue Notre Dame Ouest 514-842-2925 Céline Dion was married here and it’s a beautiful church.

Truly the magnificent St. Joseph’s Oratory on Mount-Royal (known for over 300 steps – I suggest you carry the Manolo and Jimmy’s up the stairs) 3800 Chemin Queen-Mary; 514 733-8211

Where you should consider resting your head or having your event?
Opus Montréal Hotel -10 Sherbrooke Street Ouest; 514 843-6000 Toll-free:1 866 744-6346 For more detailed information about this particular property, take a look at my article. They will truly make sure you have a magic-filled experience.

Hotel Inter Continental Montréal - 360 Rue Saint-Antoine Ouest; 514 987-9900

W Montreal Hotel - 901 Square Victoria, Montreal - (514) 395-3100

Where you should consider eating while you're there?
Koko Resturant + Bar 8 - Sherbrook Ouest; 514-657-5656 (koko) Electric vibe, great food and amazing

Garde Manager - 408 Saint Francois Xavier, Old Montréal; 514-678-5044 It’s a ‘small’ place but Chef Chuck Hughes is a celeb chef who will make you want to lick your plate…it’s that good!

Le Cartet - 106, rue McGill is a great place to meet up with your wedding planner. The food is good and it’s a community space that is warm and friendly.

Grange vin+ bouffe - 120 Rue McGill, Old Montréal; 514-394-WINE The beef is amazing and the wine cellar is spectacular. They have a bottle for every budget and honestly, I would highly recommend this for the Beef (so perfect for the guys night) eater in your life.

Schwartz’s - 3895 Saint-Laurent Blvd. 514-842-4813 – You’ve got to stop here for the best ‘smoked meat’ (corn beef and pastrami ever!) sandwich ever. I believe the Reuben sandwich originated here. Thank you Canada!!

Oh no, someone left a dress, shirt (you fill in the blank)! Where should you shop?
Known as the ‘underground city’ because it’s over 20 miles (or roughly over 1,700 shops, 200 restaurants and 40 movie theaters – just in case you have time to take in a movie) of shopping underground. Just enter at the beginning of Ste- Catherine St. and walk toward the über chic boutiques on Sherbrook Street. You will find everything and I do mean everything.

Grooms: If you need a new suit/shirt/or even complete tux Moores located at 1007 Ste. Catherines Ouest 514.845.1548 has it all. I’ve been told they can suit you up in as little as 24hrs.

My favorite wine shop is just at the entrance of Complexe Les Ailes – Saq, M-31-677, rue Ste Catherine 514.282.9445. Here you’ll find those last second bottles of champagne or a rare whiskey to toast your new beginning.

Did someone say Chocolate? If you need a ‘fix’ Suite 88 Choclatier offers some of the best in all of Canada. There are two locations, but I was at the one near Plateau Mont Royal – 3957, Rue Saint Denis 514.844.3488

Tomorrow the third and final part. Yes, I'm saving a bit of the best for last. Who can help you with all of this and make your life EASY....tune in tomorrow to find out.

Opus Montreal Hotel brings french flare to NY brides

Rooftop garden at Opus Hotel Montreal - photo from Opus Hotel

Opus Montréal is no ordinary boutique hotel. With 136 guestrooms combining sleek minimalism with luxurious comfort, the rooms range from 325sq ft. for the regular room, to my personal favorite the Presidential suite, which is a two-story penthouse, featuring a ‘floating bedroom’ and over 1100 sq feet of luxury. Consider their outdoor garden as a beautiful and romantic venue to host your wedding or the city’s most exclusive nightclub (just down stairs), to plan an over the-top-bachelor or bachelorette party.

Don’t worry about language barriers; Montreal is the largest bilingual city in North America so English is spoken widely. This however doesn’t take away from the culture and distinct French heritage. This city is fused with…magic. With so much to see in Montreal, wedding guests will be able to explore all that the city has to offer.

Looking for an environmentally friendly hotel? Opus has several environmental initiatives including the reduction of waste, recycle, conservation of water and energy by using fewer pollutants in the hotel and restaurant kitchens. They use regional, organically grown and in-season food where possible and encourage sustainable seafood options on the restaurant menus. This is a hotel that is committed to the environment in every possible way.

Chic, modern design and a nod to traditional Montréal style, OPUS Hotel Montréal has been an exclusive destination for A-list jet setters. Located in the heart of Montréal’s vibrant entertainment and restaurant district, the chic home-away-from-home is also host to the world renowned restaurant and nighttime haunt, KOKO Restaurant + Bar. The hotel made The Montréal Hit List” in the GQ May 2009 issue and listed as “Where to Stay” in Condé Nast Traveler’s Canada Now! issue.

I was told: “Fashion-forward isn’t our objective; it’s our way of life.”

From their furniture choices and home decor, to the glamorous Koko Restaurant and equally fashionable Suco Resto-Lounge, this hotel has everything you need, all under one roof. There is a true sense of sophistication, class and warmth that greets you from the moment you arrive. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and willing to provide you with recommendations about everything from shopping, sites to visit, to festivals that are happening around town.

Mixing the old and new with a toast to the future you plan to create. Opus Montréal Hotel is a gem whose shine is only dimmed by the beauty and joy of you, the happy couple. Je vous souhaite un inoubliable sejour dans de Montréal. I wish you a memorable stay in Montreal.

Visit Opus Montréal Hotel:
10 Sherbrooke Street West Montréal, Québec
H2X 4C9
Telephone: 514 843-6000 Toll-free:1 866 744-6346
Fax: 514 843-6810

Tomorrow, where to go, what to see and some of the best in the wedding industry that Montreal has to offer.

Happy Mother's Day to you my mom!

I love it because I have the opportunity to celebrate my mom. She’s an amazing woman and while I know most people think this…mine is. Just ask the people I call my friends, they’ll agree. She is loving, kind, smart, strong and fiercely protective of her little family (dad, my brother and me). She is the kind of person you want in your corner because she doesn’t judge or remind you of ‘what you should do/be/have done’. Instead, she puts that little bug in your ear, helping to guide you and hopefully it will point you in the right direction.

For almost as long as I can remember, I marveled at the relationship she had with my grandmother. She called her every day, took care of anything she needed and was truly a wonderful daughter. They probably had their ‘mother/daughter’ moments, but my grandmother only had praise for her. She was perfect her eyes…and in mine too.

I know we speak all the time and I love it, but not nearly as much as I love her. She has been and continues to be my rock, my biggest supporter and the one woman I can truly depend on. Only she know what this mixed bag day means to me. You see, because she’s my mom and has walked this road with me…I don’t have to explain it.

She gets it.

As you plan your wedding, keep in mind what this means to your mother. She knew you before you were born. She celebrated your triumphs, and shed silent tears when you were hurt. She has dreamt dreams for you and your life, that you can’t begin to imagine. She wants only the best for you – then, now and forever.

On your wedding day, she will be the strength yet again (let’s face it, your big, strong dad will be a mess as he walks you down the isle) beaming with pride as YOU, her daughter begins what she hopes will be a good life and family. Hopefully in the future, you’ll be able to have children that she can make a fuss over and then share pride again as ‘grandma’.

I know that this little column is supposed to be about you the bride, but just for a moment remember the other ‘women’ who will share this day with you. Your mom, his mom, if your lucky grandmothers. Celebrate the love, strength, funny stories and family recipes that have helped to mold you. It is my deepest heartfelt wish that I could one day have a child who would continue to love this woman I call, mommy. Maybe one day that wish will come true. Until that time, I LOVE YOU MOMMY and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Happy Mothers’ Day.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ines Di Santo bridal collection for spring 2011

In the fall, Haute Couture Designer Ines Di Santo, commemorated her illustrious career by debuting “Ten Years of Bridal Fashion”. From the first note until the last, every dress was a showstopper. Her winter 2010/spring 2011 collection was inspired by the mystique and nostalgia of one of the most special moments in your life “the coming of age.”

Dramatic and glamorous, her gowns offer a three-dimensional aspect in detail. When you take a look at her designs, look at the delicate Chantilly lace which is transformed with a floating train. She continues to be fearless and daring, using spectacular shine on Lame, classic silhouettes and modern designs. Simply women dream no see this collection as playful (her mini dress with detachable train), to voluminous skirts and blinged out bodices.

Ms. Di Santo has created a style that takes the bride from her wedding day to the days that follow. Simply there are pieces in the collection that you can wear time and time again. They transcend the world of bridal couture and create a completely new world.

If you have an opportunity visit luxury retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and many high-end boutiques worldwide. None of these stores near you then take a moment and look at her site. It will leave you breathless.

Fabric trends: Lace, Silk Shantung, Silk taffeta, Silk Chiffon,
Color trends: Off-white, Cameo Pink sheath, Vanilla, Sable, Chai colored silk, Antique ivory, Pearl Violet Lame, Ice Blue, Off-white
Style trends: Jewel encrusted bodice, Hand cut flowers, ribbon pearls

Trunk Show - May 21st - 23rd // June 25th-27th
Ines Di Santo - Ines Di Santo's Haute Couture bridal designs are breathtakingly innovative, luxurious with contemporary style. Ines Di Santo's creations portray a variety of looks and styles, catering to even the most distinct and individual bride and personality.
Special pricing at this event. By Appointment.

Bridal reflections
260 Fifth Avenue (At W. 28th St.)

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