Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vertical Strength prevails with Trias Fall 2010 show

Vertical Strength’ gives prominence to rectitude. It is a realistic reflection of the design that Trias achieves with respect and strength, elegance, feminine, modern and timeless style. In other words, you will want every piece of this collection.

This is my second season with Trias and truly love this designer. What’s more, I can see my friends, all shapes and sizes, wearing this line and feeling incredibly comfortable and sexy in them. Proportion and clean lines are important to Jaquin Trias and it shows in this, his second collection. The use of modern shades compliments the fabric textures and truly brings the final design to life. Honestly, it was wonderful to not see ‘black’ in every piece; instead this collection ran the gamut of red, blue, ocher, and shades of lilac. Together they worked harmoniously and gave balance to the entire collection.

The hosiery created a complete picture that was one of those times when I could easily see from the runway, to walking down any office hallway. Personally, I loved the paper-bag pants and the beltswhich at a leather tie and not belted. Also notice in the video that the hair is side-swept with a low ‘messy’ knot. Huge congratulations to Jaquin. You combined innovative fabrics (wool, silks, knits, some textiles including Lycra) to create a line that is modern, yet elegant and timeless. As you say “The attitude of Trias woman, is one with personality and presence.” I completely agree.

Fall Color trends for your wedding décor to consider, based on the Trias RTW collection: Brown, Grey Lilac, Ocre, Red-Titanium and Deep blue.

Trias 2010 Fall Fashion Show NYC Bryant Park - Thanks to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube


Dorothy Rimson said...

Nice blog..

Bridal Fairy-Godmother said...

Thanks so much Dorothy. I'm glad you're enjoy reading it.

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