Sunday, March 7, 2010

Barbara Tfank brings the 1960's back

Barbara Tfank
Emerald Green Swing coat - photos: Lisa M. Barr

The colors and fabrics that Barbara Tfank used were vibrant, fun and all hers. That’s right, Barbara Tfank created her own textiles and the designs were fun and a throwback to the days when women dressed all the time. Fur stoles draping their necks, dinner coats, big bows on the back of coats, dresses at the knee and beautiful long gloves.

The textured floral patterns were inspired by Fauvist painter Raoul Dufy who Ms. Tfank choose as her muse this season, and the 1950-1960’s inspired cocktail dresses fit both perfectly. A little Hitchcock a little Marilyn Monroe equaled subtle seduction. Vintages look in beautiful jewel tones. There was true sensuousness, ease and comfort in her clothes. Even her make up reflected this look – grayish eyes, shimmer on their face and lots of mascara (no eyeliner).

There were lots of A-lines dresses, along with beautiful (and a personal fav of mine) swing coats. I had the opportunity to meet Barbara and she is as charming as her designs. So for you brides who are thinking of a “Mad Men” type of wedding, the Tfank collection will provide you with all the classic elements you want with just a splash of the ‘cool factor’.

Fall Color trends for your wedding décor to consider, based on the Barbara Tfank fall 2010 RTW collection: aquamarine, shocking pink, emerald green, cerulean, gold poppy and deep blues. Also look toward textured patterns and velvets. Have all your guests senses ignited during your reception.


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