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Bridal Boudoir by Lily Kesselman creates tasteful, intimate images

Bridal Boudior
Bridal Boudoir finished book

While Valentine’s day may have been a few weeks ago, there isn’t any reason not to do something special for your future spouse. You know the more I think of it, why not do something special for yourself. Sometimes we are so hard on our selves as women (you know trying so hard to get into shape) that we don’t see the true beauty that is who we are. That’s why I think Bridal Boudoir is an excellent idea. Letting someone capture the real you is a magical experience.

I met with Lily Kesselman of Bridal Boudoir and was able to see her artistry first hand. Fascinating to me, I thought I would share it with you.

Lily, why did you create Bridal Boudoir?
I am a wedding photographer in New York City a while back a bride requested her own personal lingerie shoot. She wanted to give a truly unique wedding gift to her fiancé so we did our first session at my studio. She had fun and sexy lingerie and some personal items as well - her fiance was a Harvard graduate so one shot was of her wearing a Harvard shirt but tied up and with boy-shorts. He was from Ecuador and we used the flag in some of the images. It was totally personalized for him. The photos were amazing and I decided to launch this division for other brides as well as all women. I love the creative challenges from working with one client.

What 'type' of woman takes these types of pictures?
Urban Boudoir photographs all types of women - it is not about showing off the perfect body - it is about showing off a beautiful woman and I truly feel I can make all women look sexy, seductive and fabulous. One client just gave birth 5 months before but you'd never know it. None of the images on my blog are retouched - they are all real women and they look amazing.

I can imagine that this can be a bit…shall we say intimidating right?
I guest a client must be able to trust me and have fun. It can be a little scary - because this is not something you do every day. But I show all my clients the work as we go along and once they see how amazing they look they relax, have fun, and enjoy the shoot.

What does one have to do to prepare (you know girls want to know if they have to be in great shape before they do this)?
Basic grooming is the best way to prepare - do the nails, do the toes, make sure you moisturize and remove anything you don't want photographed! My hair & makeup team will do the rest. I have an incredible hair & makeup team that works on commercial photo shoots every day. We do a few variations on hair & makeup for variety.

How long does it take to do a shoot? Where are shoots done?
Shoots take about 2 - 3 hours and hair & makeup takes an additional 90 minutes. I work on location so you can choose to shoot in your home or rent a hotel room in New York City. It depends on your style preferences and budget. I also put together boudoir sessions in a hotel where clients can book a 3-hour shoot in a location I choose and I'll shoot a few women each day.

Do you have a registry?
Clients can order gift certificates for friends to give.

Anything else you want to share?
Well, I want to share a comment I received from a client. She wrote:
So the woman who helped me bring "sexy back" is Lily Kesselman. She's a big shot wedding photographer here in New York. Her wedding website is and her Urban Boudior site is All I can tell you is that this woman does things with light and angles to make you feel like you're in the pages of Vogue. Whether it's your wedding day or if you're feeling a little saucy...Lily is your woman. She will capture you in a way you wont believe.

I think this is something that is so personal, so intimate and so special that even if you don’t do it for your future partner, do it for yourself. Go as you are and have Lily and her team show you the beauty in you that they see. I’m sure the final result will be just as it’s supposed to be – perfectly you.

For more information and to set up your appointment visit:

Lily Kesselman Photography, LLC
16 East 10th Street, Suite 4
New York City

212.204.6518 - Phone
917.532.7884 - Mobile

Visit the new Urban Boudoir Blog


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wow.good luck

Emzzy J said...

Hmmm, wondering why two of my black and white images (Emma Jones photographer from Miss Boudoir) have been used in this feature by another photographer?! Not cool cropping logos off and using to advertise something not created by you.

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