Friday, January 29, 2010

Preston Bailey 'Celebrates' and plans for the future

Preston Bailey
A must for everyone who has ever wanted to have a party

There are parties and then there is a Preston Bailey party. While the night air was cold, inside the Manhattan Armory was “HOT”, as Preston Bailey and his book “Celebrations” set the night on fire. With the help of his long-time friend Marcy Blum, they created an event that was tastefully sexy and filled with surprises.

Celebrities in the entertainment and the wedding industry, family and friends were on hand to celebrate the true genius, creativity, passion and style of Preston Bailey. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, he out does himself again. The author of Design for Entertaining, Fantasy Weddings, Inspirations and most recently Celebrations, he takes artistry to a completely different level and this 226 page book shares some of his best work. It gives you a peak at his talent and highlights some original events for celebrities like Ivanka Trunp, Jennifer Hudson, Joan Rivers, Donna Karan and countless others.

Entering the Amory tonight was a feast for the eyes and senses. This once raw space was transformed in just 48 hours and the result, magic. With the drapes that covered the walls and the Orchard covered ribbons that created faux-trees; from the giant atlas sculptures to the giant ball filled with candle-styled ice cubes, every detail was carefully arranged. Every servers, dessert table and stage that looked like a moveable runway was perfect. The dancers who had flowers – shall we say, strategically placed added a surprise element. However, when Gloria Gainer, and Martha Washington both performed, it took this party to another level.

I was both honored and very pleased that he gave me a few moments before the festivities to share some things coming up in the very near future:

The Bailey&Blum mentoring weekend - March 5-7, 2010
This is an exclusive mentoring weekend with both Preston and Marcy Blum where they will walk attendees through the process of becoming a wedding planner. There are welcome cocktails, interactive workshops, dinner with a famed chef and much more. It is a time to really learn from two of the very best in the business

The Preston Bailey Institute (more about this in the coming months)
This is need and designed to share what he has learned with those who are truly interested in becoming the best in the event planning business. In other words, this institute will continue where the mentoring weekend leaves off.

There is so much going on with Preston Bailey; I know that 2010 will be a year for him to remember. As the music began to swell and just moments before the first guest walked in, I asked him what would he tell someone who was interested in being an event planner. He said:

  1. Have faith
  2. Follow your dreams
  3. Love what you’re doing

From what we all know about Preston Bailey and especially what I saw tonight, he is doing all three. Congratulations Preston.

For more information about Preston Bailey, please visit his site. Next week, more from Preston and more pictures from the book launch.


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