Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Best of the best for Grooms

Craig the barber
Close shave by and photo credit - Craig the Barber

Who loves ya guys?? I do and can’t wait for you to see what’s happening in the ‘Grooming-the-groom’ column in 2010. I hope you are as excited about it as I am. What this column has done has opened a dialogue for you the grooms (and the women that love you), to read information beyond what’s out there. It’s a different view of what's happening, that I hope you have found helpful and useful to you.

Having met with some great professionals on the ‘groom’ side of the business and here are my top 2009 Grooming The Groom winners.

When it comes to a proper and close shave, there is an art to it. I didn’t realize it until I met Craig. With a nationwide following as well as his own celebrity salon in CA., Craig the barber is the premiere expert in getting that stubborn facial hair under control.

How does he do it – he’s a real guy’s guy who uses simple common sense. What makes him a favorite, he won’t endorse a product he hasn’t tried himself or believe it. Surely that’s why there are lines of men waiting at his shop (and when I met him in NY at an event, guys waiting for up to 1hr) and everywhere he goes, there is a line just to ask him questions and perhaps get his signature shave. I’m very lucky that Craig has also agreed to be one of the celebrity guest writers with me, but you can and should follow him on Facebook or twitter.

J.M. Weston shoes
photo credit J.M. Weston

Humeurs, by J.M. Weston – the Manolos for men
I’ve been to enough weddings and worked with enough grooms that I tell them, like their bride, they must have comfy shoes. They will be standing and dancing for hours. Nothing ruins a picture faster than a grimacing groom because his feet hurt. The Humeurs collection by J.M. Weston, are the best (and yes a bit expensive) shoes for the man who demands quality. These are truly custom made and yes, they are worth every penny. Many styles and colors, you will find one that you absolutely love, promise!

photo by Lisa M. Barr - Boston
Grooms having fun - photo credit Lisa M. Barr

Alternative to the same old party –
Aren’t you tired of ‘those kind of clubs’? You want to hang with your fella’s and have that party where you can have a good scotch, perhaps a stogie and just fun. The thing is, you want to bring it ‘up a notch’ and have a classy event. Well, I know I was supposed to pick just one and if I did, it would have to be the Brandy Library. Since I can’t, I’m giving an ‘alternative to the party’ award to:
The Brandy Library, Carnegie Club, Club Macanudo, ESPN Zone, the 40/40 club and Johnny Utahs. Yes it’s a group award, but I honestly feel that you will find within this group a place for every type of groom. Hey, I’m looking for places in 2010, so if you have a favorite, let me know.

Isn’t it about time you had a product that was for your face, helped you to have a close shave and was made just for you and not the ‘female version' of a product?” Well the people at Lab Series have done just that. Yes, they are an Estee Lauder brand, but they were created for men, by men and have products that have created the easiest way to get a flawless shave, smooth skin and that ‘I’m too sexy for my…” look. I’ll tell you that my husband, brother and best male friend are hooked!! I’m sure you will be too.

Shanghai Tang Groom
Yes I highlighted them yesterday, but they get my award for innovation in men’s design. If a groom is looking for a unique way to ‘stand out’ at his wedding, then a designed jacket by Shanghai Tang or membership to their Mandarin Collar society is the way to go. I love that they are bring an updated version to their mens' division and they have designers who will personalize the style of your jacket. If you want a traditional black jacket, but a wild plaid lining, consider it done. What’s more, this is something that is also a one-of-a kind and something that you can and will wear long after, your wedding day. It’s worth the investment (and it’s no more expensive than a rental, but definitely looks and smells better!)

OH MY GOSH…TODAY is New Years Day!! Well, Happy New Year to you all. I’m really excited about the people, places and things that I’ve in store for you. You wouldn’t believe the amount of mail I get from you and how many of you stop me at bridal shows to ask me questions. I LOVE IT and please don’t stop. All I can say is, 2010 is going to be AMAZING. If you are a new groom-to-be (meaning you got engaged last night) CONGRATULATIONS

If there was ever a time to celebrate the men in your life, it’s now.
So here’s wishing all your dreams for 2010 to come true and if you didn’t like 2009, do what I’m doing. Shake the 2009 dirt off your shoes (or just go buy new ones) and get ready to rock and roll.


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