Monday, September 13, 2010

NY Fashion Week: Christian Siriano is BACK and just as fierce

I think when you’ve won “Project Runway” and lauded as one of the best designers of your time, the pressure might be just a bit high. Not for Christian Siriano whose 2011 collection is inspired by Africa, Indian and Chinese influences mixed with a dash of elegant opulence for good measure.

From wide-legged trousers, safari shorts and jacket (which looked fresh and not dated!), to structured cocktail dresses and the lightest floating evening gowns (even though they look like they weigh a ton – they don’t) that had the entire room cheering. There was brilliance in using Asian fabric prints based on digital photographs of Chinese and Buddhist temples and combining multi-layered Indian beading accents. Once simply couldn’t take your eyes away from the patterns because they were truly captivating.

Of course, we can’t forget the shoes. Sky-high on models who were already tall, just made his cloths more statuesque. The four styles were from:
Shanghai (with it’s strong Chinese influences)
Mumbai (which is powerful with a feminine Goddess vibe)
Nairobi (which reflects the neckpieces worn by women of the Padaung tribe of Southeast Asia) and
Zanzi (a bootie) from Africa and included a unique heel designed to look like an African hand-carved piece emulating a tool.

This is the Christian Siriano from Project Runway. Last season, he was FIERCE, but safe. This season, it’s all him, all the time and the crowd loved it! I keep asking Christian (ok, so this is only the second time), when he’s going to come out with a bridal line. I never get a straight answer but I think his finale pieces could easily become bridal pieces. Hey Christian, at least create some shoes in white ok?

Fabric trends: Leather, Cotton Bateau, Metallic Tweed, Brocade, Silk Chiffon, Silk Crepe, Silk Charmeuse, Satin, Silk Organza, Taffeta, Silk Croc Embossed, Snake Embossed and Tulle

Color trends: Metallic, Cognac White, White, Champagne, Ivory, Chocolate/Tan, Turquoise Giraffe, Amber Giraffe, Gold Stone, Black, Red, Dark Temple Print/Light Temple Print, Bone and Paprika

Style trends: Leather belted safari jacket, kimono shirt dress, long and flowing back on dress/shirt, wing sleeve blouse, scalloped bust, bubble gown, one-shoulder with beaded trim, Trench coat with pencil skirt (LOVED IT!!) and beaded empire waist. 
For a full slide-show please click here.


Hunter Valley Weddings said...

Christian Siriano is certainly BACK and just as you said,.... very fierce

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