Monday, September 6, 2010

FNO: Ways to be careful and still enjoy your Fashion's Night Out

Are you preparing for fashion’s night in NYC or anywhere in the world?  Here are some simple rules to help you maneuver and have fun.

While you want to be “haute”, as you move from shop to shop, be comfortable. If you must be ‘diva(o)’, do it from your ankles up & sensible-stylish shoes on  your feet. There is nothing less attractive than a person with achy feet.  Come on, you know exactly what I mean.

You will NOT be able to travel to every event there is.  Get over it; it’s not possible instead use the FNO map and map out your plan for your favorite shops (or events). I know I must be the only person on the planet who doesn’t have an iPhone, but it doesn’t stop me from finding you a GREAT FNO app.  Keep all your events in order and get the latest updates, super-sales and promos at your fingertips with this Lustra app.

Make your plan with friends to truly share in the energy and excitement that will engulf you during the five-hours of Friday night fun.  Last year, Madison Ave was on fire with shops music and traffic.  It was pretty hard to move from place to place (think crowded train station), but your fearless leader (uh, that’s me) managed.  This leads me to…

Be careful.  Traffic, free cocktails, lots of people – LOTS of people and the festive atmosphere can lead to ‘things happening’.  Watch your purse/wallet, and your physical person.  Be careful on the streets.  Just because there is a party on both sides of the street, doesn’t mean that the streets are closed.  Traffic will still flow.  Follow traffic lights and the rights of the road.

Finally do shop and have fun.  A lot of stores will have FNO t-shirts (40% goes to charity), others will have specialty items and super sales.  This isn’t just a night to see the celebs that will show up (which is totally cool), it’s also a night to give back to your city.  It’s a time to make a difference and yes if you’re really lucky, find a bargain or two.

Remember, no matter how much fun this is, it is just one night.  I’m sure you want to be around for a few million more.

See you there.


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